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Seed Stronghold and Mineshaft Spawn 1.10
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Seed Stronghold and Mineshaft Spawn 1.10

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If you are an adventurous and brave person, Seed Stronghold and Mineshaft Spawn is just what you need. You will spawn in a large stronghold village, which keeps a lot of secret places, a blacksmith, two libraries, a dungeon where zombies live, an end portal, etc.

What's interesting in seed Stronghold and Mineshaft Spawn

For starters, you will spawn into a simple village with a blacksmith. But do not hurry to get disappointed. This is not an ordinary village, but a stronghold. It has its location very deep under the ground, but there is no need to dig in order to find it. Most likely you will simply stumble into it while walking through the ravine. In addition to the interesting places mentioned above, you will also find a mineshaft on top of the stronghold.

If you want to have fun in the Realms or in your world with this seed, do not hesitate! Feel free to share your experience with friends and do not forget to leave feedback. For other new and amazing seeds, visit the seeds section on our website. Here you will also find the latest mods, texture packs, and maps for MCPE.
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