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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition логотип
If you read this, then you love Minecraft Universe as strong as we do. Minecraft for Android is the game, which conquered hearts of millions players of all ages. It’s played at home, at street, at school… even at the job in office. Secret of its interest is that you’re God, all of the world obeys your rules.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Introduction
Pump up your character in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, transform him into Thunder for mobs or into Legendary builder. Build the cherished in dreams house or download maps and spend time in this sandbox having fun! Minecraft PE world as almost the same to the PC version one. If you played computer version of this great game - you’ll quickly deal with pocket version mechanics. If no – you’ll understand how to play quickly, because this game is quite easy and will tighten you at the click of fingers. MCPE – is the world, where everyone feels home. Pass quests, collect materials, discover the world, build or crash – you can do everything! If you wish calm, measured life – find the place for your new house in of different biomes (deserts, jungles, winter biomes, mountains, swamps, forests) build it and become farmer. Feed peaceful mobs and don’t visit dark caves of MCPE.

World of Minecraft is full of danger. Especially at night, so be careful and check the time of day, going outdoor.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition mobs

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: mobs

Zombies are slow and can’t get you from high distance, but don’t underestimate them! These anger mobs are the most numerous, so can surround you and win because of quantity. Skeletons are much more dangerous. Armed with bow, they can shoot you from more than 20 blocks! Few zombies and 1-2 skeletons will kill you easily, so beware of them. Endermans are much rarer than zombies and skeletons, but if won’t have enough caution and will watch his eyes – he’ll pursue you for a long time. These guys also like to steal blocks, so don’t decorate your house with gold or diamond blocks. Spiders are fast and can climb up the walls, so even the highest tree won’t help you to take cover. They are also reason why do you have to build roof for your house as fast as possible, because it’ll be not so east to defeat spider with wooden sword at the beginning of the game.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition biome
There’re also lots of peaceful mobs in Minecraft, which you can breed and collect eggs from chicks, meat and leather from pigs and cows and so on. All of animal world makes Minecraft more interesting and diversifies the gameplay.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: caves and ores

If you want adrenaline and adventure – make everything conversely. Explore every unknown location. Every shadow in the darkness should be examined. Check every mineshaft descent to find who lives there!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition bribes with freedom of doings. Make sure with yourself! If you haven’t played Minecraft PE from our website absolutely for free and meet with magnificent cube world. Minecraft awaits you.