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Minecraft PE 1.14.1
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Minecraft PE 1.14.1

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Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.1 is one of the two versions released almost simultaneously this week. Because we already got used to the betas released earlier having very short lists of changes (remember Minecraft PE or Minecraft PE, the one featured here will seem impressive, but it actually adds them all in a great full game version.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.1

This version features a lot of fixes regarding issues that were mainly detected by the most loyal players:
  • The traditional fix of crashes occurring during the gameplay, this time working on absolutely all the platforms supporting MCPE.
  • Fixed a crash occurring while the player tries to access Xbox Live.
  • Fixed a crash occurring sometimes after updating MCPE on Xbox One devices.
  • The game’s performance in places with a big quantity of players at the same time was improved.
  • The skin loading speed on servers was improved.
  • The Marketplace and other on-line game features are more stable now.

The developers also fixed several issues faced by players who use PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One devices.
In addition, they have done a great job at fixing:
  • The problem making all achievements available for absolutely all the users during multiplayer sessions.
  • The problem creating a wrong view bobbing when facing North or South directions.
  • The issue of items disappearing when crafting multiple items.
  • The issue regarding the disappearing milk from buckets
  • A few problems affecting the Character Creator
  • The impossibility to leave the Inventory when in the Marketplace.
  • Errors regarding the Japanese language in the player’s UI.
  • The wrongly positioned “sign-in” button on the main menu.

Besides the above-listed fixes, you will notice that grass and leaves no longer represent spawning points for monsters and that the bees have a more natural behavior, meaning that after stinging they die and that bothering their babies makes them angry.
As you can easily see, Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.1 is a very complex and useful version, bringing the players a lot of benefits by making their gameplay smoother and less problematic.
To download it, use the button below the article, tell your friends the good news and leave feedback.
Follow our website to always be up to date with the game’s latest versions, as well as with the newest textures, mods, and skins! Have a good time.

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    30 December 2019 20:45
    merhabaefsane site önerim hemen şimdi siteyi kullan minecraft indirdim çok kısa surdy
    2 January 2020 18:00
    WHAT?!!! Da????
    RealSkylander3 YT
    10 January 2020 15:52
    Is this is full version like 1.13.1??
    Hamster Coco
    29 January 2020 00:57
    nasil yuklicem
    2 February 2020 19:56
    Is it full version?
    7 February 2020 21:57
    Is this the original minecraft?

    I wish I could get the game
    9 February 2020 20:19
    No puedo jugar este fin de semana y mi nombre es CelestialPalace y lamento que amigos y familiares vengan a jugar contigo hablando sobre el Sistema Solar y mi nombre es tu nombre y mi piel es t gracias por mis amigos, sígueme y no estoy triste por el sistema solar jajaja tengo que jugar con las luces solares de camino a casa
    18 February 2020 11:40
    Its a great apk

    Oh I'll download it then

    Lol I tried to do my brother's acc
    8 March 2020 21:51
    İts old version
    12 March 2020 06:38
    this is my second download of the day
    Its not 1.14.1 its
    12 March 2020 09:54
    This is not version 1.14.1 its so if you are looking to hack or mod on servers or even use block launcher DO NOT GET THIS ONE works for hacking with tool box i cannot find 1.14.1. Sadly
    I dunno what to say
    23 March 2020 07:11
    yo this game is greay
    25 March 2020 01:03
    Love this app!
    29 March 2020 01:16
    What is not 1.14.1 is
    3 April 2020 16:46
    I have played MC Beta, i deleted it, because i can't join servers, the beta was to strong for my device, so i wanna download this minecraft, i have download this but 7 deleted it cause i need to download the 1.16, the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition
    15 April 2020 21:43
    Pls let me join and play this minecraft pls
    19 April 2020 18:35
    Wow this is awesome man I'm glad I downloaded it Thanks.:-)
    22 April 2020 14:52
    IT'S NOT DOWNLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$%&$&:3-#
    6 May 2020 18:39
    IT'S NOT DOWNLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$%&$&:3-#
    7 May 2020 01:10
    Panda gamer
    16 May 2020 16:52
    Yay I can't wait to download it
    Andre MONSTER shot
    11 September 2020 11:18
    Please help me make friends to connect and play with .?
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