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Minecraft PE 1.19.0
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Minecraft PE 1.19.0

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The last couple of betas, namely Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE contained so many changes that we should have figured it out it was a sign that the full game version is on its way! Dear friends, the grand release happened! Minecraft PE 1.19.0 is already here and we can’t wait to share all the details we found out about it with you.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.0

Grab a big cup of tea or coffee, or even better, a cup of champagne, because a) you have a reason to celebrate and b) there are a lot of features to learn about. Let’s get started!

Vanilla Parity in Minecraft PE

The game developers carried out vanilla parity changes in relation to the following mobs:
  • Spiders. Now all their legs have the same size.
  • Llamas. The babies spit correctly now (previously there was an animation related bug affecting their spitting process)
  • Shulkers. They do not suffer from fire anymore, stand correctly when in minecarts, boats, and other vehicles, and do not fail to spawn when there are other shulkers around.
  • Wandering Traders. Do not interact with doors by closing and opening them, move around places in a random way, make specific sounds when consuming liquids, make new sounds when his invisibility level changes, and gives the players the possibility to give them names.

There are also several vanilla parity changes affecting blocks and items:
  • The textures of the boat’s item icon were updated
  • Walls never connect to such blocks as bells and brew stands. Fences don’t either.
  • The texture and animations of the brew stands were corrected
  • The texture of end rods was improved
  • The textures of the end portal and end stone, and namely the transition between these two were improved
  • The texture of the mycelium blocks was improved
  • Light blocks can’t be destroyed underwater.

Experimental changes in MCPE 1.19.0

We are almost sure that you have already tied the amazing experimental Spectator Mode and you know a lot about it if you followed the articles published on our website, but let us briefly describe its main characteristics in case you haven’t. Before enlisting them, we must tell you that this mode can be enabled either through the game settings or by command and while you use it, all your achievements and belongings will remain where they are.
While you are using this mode, you will:
  • Fly, this being the only way you can move around
  • Fly through blocks and even mobs
  • Not suffer any damage
  • Not be able to interact with any mobs, items, and blocks
  • Not be able to open and use your inventory and chests
  • Use a simplified HUD that does not show the health level, the hunger level, etc
  • Not be able to spawn mobs
  • Not see things in your hands if you are using the first person camera
  • Not be visible to other actors, except spectators. Spectators will see only your head floating in the air.

Previously, there was a number shortcomings affecting the mode we are talking about. They allowed users to do things they shouldn’t according to the developers’ intentions, for example, to open chests or attack mobs. All these bugs have been resolved and hopefully, you will enjoy this new experimental possibility to the max.
Now we will tell you several things about the Wild Update features, even if you are probably already familiar with all of them:
  • The Deep Dark. This is definitely the scariest biome due to its level of darkness and features. Besides the multitude of precious chests with loot, sculk, and mysterious ancient structures, you will meet the most terrifying mob there, namely the Warden.
    Minecraft PE 1.19.0

  • Sculk. You will discover several kinds of sculk blocks. The normal ones can be mined and serve as decorations, but you will be able to obtain them only using silk touch enchanted tools. The other sculk features, that is the shriekers and sensors will inform the Warden about your presence there, so you should be extremely careful.
  • Echo Shards. You can find them in chests as loot. You will need several if you want to craft a very useful item called the Recovery Compass. This compass will show you the place your player died previously.

  • Mangrove Biome. This beautiful new biome is full of surprises and possibilities. There are mangrove trees and all their parts can be used in crafting or as decoration. You will also see many swamps with mud. Mud can serve as main ingredient in crafting interesting things.
  • Frogs/Tadpoles. These cute creatures can be of three different kinds. Adults lay eggs and after a while, little cute tadpoles come out. The tadpoles correspond to the type of adult frog who made the egg. When fed with magma cubes, frogs produce froglights that also correspond to their type by color.

  • Boats with Chests. These boats are perfect for those who like to travel and want to carry all their belongings along.

  • Goat Horns. There are eight kinds of goat horns. They are dropped by goats after bumping into solid blocks. All horns make very interesting sounds.
  • Allays. These are ones of the most charismatic mobs. They adore music and dancing but they are also very useful. You can give it one item and it will fly collecting items of the same type from everywhere and bring them to you. If you want to meet such mobs and make friends with them, we suggest you look in woodland mansions and in pillager outposts.

This amazing full version also brings:
More music:
  • Music disc 5 is a very interesting kind of disc. You will have to collect its parts and combine them if you want to listen to its music. Tip: search in ancient cities.
  • Rana del Ray disc
  • Samuel Åberg disc

If you are a mobile device user, you can download the music from the Marketplace. The best thing is that it is free of charge.
More Achievements:
  • Sneak 100 Achievement. You will get it if you succeed to sneak near skulk sensors without making them react to your movements
  • Birthday Song Achievement. You will get them if you make the allay drop a cake item near a note block
  • With Our Powers Combined Achievement. You will get it if you collect all kinds of froglights.
  • It Spreads Achievement. You will get it by killing any mob next to a sculk catalyst.

By installing this update you will also discover that an incredible number of problems affecting the UI, the graphics, the commands, the mobs, the items and blocks, and the gameplay in general have been fixed.
The map makers and addon creators will also find the new version very useful because it brings many technical updates.
For more information, watch the video trailer below this article.
We hope that you have friends that also enjoy playing Minecraft PE so that you can share the wonderful news about this grand release with them. If you have any suggestions or maybe complaints, you are also welcome to leave feedback.
Keep visiting us regularly and we promise to keep you up to date with all the upcoming game versions and with the most popular mods and other game-related surprises. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.19.0

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