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Minecraft PE 1.13.1
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Minecraft PE 1.13.1

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We are very glad to finally present the release of a full game version, which is MCPE 1.13.1. This time, everything should be stable and you will be able to play with other people using full versions and to join Realms. Let us see what changes we are going to face by installing it:

Features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.13.1

First of all, we must mention the fact that some crashes detected before were removed. They could have occurred when the player joins Realms and some Featured Servers and when lingering potions are dropped.
Because we know that these issues won’t bother us anymore, we can study the new features:
  • Now, when a player intends to create in a Realm in case he/she has expired Realms in his/her account, he/she will get a relevant “error” message
  • When using any imported skin, the elytra will be displayed properly (not transparent as before)
  • The Founder’s Cape is now applicable on any imported skins
  • Now a loading skin will not prevent the player from entering the game
  • While playing in multiplayer mode, the players won’t have to use the same custom skin
  • The problem making the chests invisible was resolved
  • Problems related to transportation through portals were fixed
  • The “Create on Realms” does not display the already closed realms anymore.
  • The Korean letters are correct in the settings now.
  • The Japanese letters are correct in the settings now.

We are sure you want to install and try this version as soon as possible, so click on the button below the video featured in this article, share the good news with your friends and leave feedback.
To always be up to date with the latest betas and full versions, as well as the newest maps, textures, and other cool articles and downloads related to MCPE, visit our website daily.
As a bonus, we recommend you to try an awesome AR game released this summer: Minecraft Earth!
Have a good time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock 1.13.1

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