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Minecraft PE 1.17.0
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Minecraft PE 1.17.0

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We have been waiting for this release for months and our patience is rewarded now. The Mojang Studios team developed the long-awaited full version that is Minecraft PE 1.17.0. You will be amazed at how many features it contains, starting with new materials and ending in interesting new mobs. Because their number is almost uncountable, the game developers took the decision of dividing this update into two parts and today we will explore the first one.
Even if most of us (especially those following our website) are familiar with most of its features that were given to us as sneak peeks in previously released game versions, it is good to know that they are all officially here and they form a totally new fantastic Bedrock world.
Minecraft PE 1.17.0

Features of Minecraft 1.17.0

By installing this full version, you will be able to enjoy all the features gathered during all these long months that we spent waiting for its release.

New characters:

  • Goat. If you didn’t know, this mountain-living animal won the Minecon Live 1019 mob vote! We consider that it definitely deserves it because monitoring and interacting with it is more than fun. In the present, goats prefer living only in Extreme Hills but the developers promise that they will change their location in the next game update. These mobs like jumping on hills and are very good at doing this and occasionally, they may ram into other game characters, including players. These mobs can be tamed, bred, milked, and tempted.

  • Axolotl. This is the second most distinctive feature of this update. Axolotls live underwater and are aggressive towards other mobs that also live here. Players can tempt them with buckets of tropical fish. These mobs are very funny because in certain situations, they can fake their deaths. When on land, axolotls dehydrate and die but if you are quick enough, you may manage to save them. You may also collect them just like normal fish, using buckets.

  • Glow Squid. This is another new mob living underwater. These shiny squids are also winners but of the 2020 Minecon Live. Upon death, they drop glowing ink sacs. These sacs are very functional and can make other things glow (sign texts, item frames). This way, your world will become brighter!

New blocks /items:

  • Glowing ink sacs. These glow squid drops serve as material in crafting glowing item frames and to make sign texts glow in the dark.
  • Powder snow. This kind of snow is simply fascinating. You can collect and place it, but be careful because walking on it can be quite tricky. Many mobs can fall through it. When inside such a block, they can freeze and die. Skeletons have different behavior when spending time in this snow: they just turn into strays. To avoid freezing, wear leather boots when taking walks on surfaces covered with such snow.
  • Glow lichens that grow on cave walls and in lakes. Players can spread them using bone meal and collect them with shears. These lichens shine and represent a very good light source.
  • Amethyst Geodes. This is a truly incredible new feature. These enormous geodes appear in the Overworld and you will be able to discover many new things by exploring them. They are made of several beautiful layers. Inside them, you will find calcite, smooth basalt, and most importantly amethysts including budding amethysts and other variations of this precious material.

  • Tinted glass is a new, very nice kind of glass and it has better characteristics than the ordinary glass we all got used to.
  • Copper/cut copper. When placed, copper can oxidize, but the player can deoxidize them in different ways.
  • Lightning Rod. To get it, use your crafting table and copper. This rod gets stroke by lightning. When this happens, the rod makes redstone signals.
  • Raw ores. Starting with the present update, all smeltable ores will drop raw ores. They can be smelted too and transformed into compact blocks.

  • Spyglass. It is used to see specific things from very big distances and the camera inside it moves really slowly, but you can change this using a special slider.

  • Deepslate can be discovered under the ground. They grow in blobs. These blocks come in many different variants and serve as a perfect ingredient in crafting a lot of things, for example, stairs.
  • Tuff. Just like deepslate, it grows in blobs. It was developed as decoration element.
  • Dripstones and pointed dripstones. You can find them in stalactite and stalagmite forms. Take good care because landing on them may cause serious damage. When falling on players or mobs, they cause a lot of damage too. Players can fill cauldrons with lava or water by placing them under sources.

  • Small and big dripleaves. Small dripleaves transform into big ones when bonemealed.
  • Loot Table improvements. Explore mineshaft and shipwreck chests for more loot
  • Trading improvements. Wandering traders have more things to offer now.
  • Moss. This decorative block can spread on surfaces if bonemealed. To collect it, we recommend using hoes.
  • Azalea/flowering azalea. These decorative plants can be grown into trees that can be collected using shears. Besides making the gaming world more vibrant, they can be used in many other ways.
  • Rooted dirt. This kind of dirt gives hanging roots and turns into normal dirt if cutting it using hoes
  • Glow berries. They can serve as a starting point in crafting cave vines. They can be consumed or given to foxes so they can breed.
  • Spore blossoms can be found only in the inventory and are usually placed under other blocks as decoration elements.
  • Cave vines. You can climb them or bonemeal them to obtain glow berries (see description above)
  • Player’s achievements. The developers added three new ones (including new trophies). With their help you will get the possibility to wax and dewax copper, make friends with axolotls, etc.

If you want to find out more details about all the above-listed features, we suggest you check the previously released betas, because they have been introduced in our worlds step by step, at first as experimental features and later as official game components. The video trailer below this article will also reveal more details about them.
By installing this version, you will also notice that the developers improved:
  • Player’s visibility when underwater (especially in caves)
  • The main menu and the loading screen
  • The sounds emitted when freezing in the snow, drowning in water, burning, and using bonemealing things
  • The ore textures
  • The textures of clocks and other similar objects

You will also discover that drowned do not drop gold ingots anymore. Instead, they drop copper ores.
If you are a mapmaker and/or an addon creator, you will be happy to find out that there are a lot of surprises developed regarding the technical aspect of the game. This way your work will become more productive. There are also two experimental features for you to try. These are the GameTestFramework and a Volume Driver Fog. These features will allow you to try many interesting new possibilities.
Of course that our gameplay should become way more challenging and fascinating thanks to all the new features, but make us enjoy it fully, the MCPE developers also fixed an incredible number of issues affecting the existing items, blocks, mobs, the player’s user interface, the game graphics, some commands, and more. They even fixed several really serious problems making the game crash sometimes, so now you can play peacefully without worrying that such situations may occur.
Dear friends, we hope you are as excited as we are about this legendary release. Please share this article with all your friends so they can enjoy the news too and leave feedback.
We are sure that you can’t wait to see what Part 2 of this update represents and we promise that we will inform you about its release as soon as possible, but until then, explore the present one. When you are done, you can try many interesting maps, beautiful textures, and helpful mods. Follow us and have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.17.0

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