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Minecraft PE 1.16.0

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If you are an active visitor of our website, you couldn’t have missed all the fuss around the Nether Update, an upcoming version promising us a totally new and exciting Nether with a lot of fantastic biomes, mobs, and blocks. Minecraft is the first beta revealing all the new Nether’s secrets.

Whats new in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 Nether Update

Like we already mentioned, this hellish version brings new biomes for you to explore, mobs to interact with and blocks to build.

New biomes:

  • The Nether Fog Biome is not actually a biome, but a mysterious fog connecting the rest of the biomes in the Nether
  • The Nether Warped Forests are very mysterious-looking and creepy places, but regardless of the first impression this biome creates, it is less dangerous for the player compared to the rest of the Nether biomes. Here you will find a lot of weird looking vegetation, dominated by warped nylium and fungi. Because the place is dark and covered in a dense blue fog and the air in it is studded with wwarped spores, a source of light is absolutely necessary, so there are shroomlights to help you see clearer.

  • The Nether Crimson Forests are quite similar to the previously described biomes, but instead of the nylium described above there is crimson nylium and enormous fungi . The caves in this biomes are “decorated ” with weeping vines. This forest is not as safe as the previous forest. All the mobs brought by this version like to wander around here.
  • The Nether Soulsand Valleys are seemingly the creepiest places around here. There is no vegetation here, just soul sand, soul soil hot ashes floating in the air and a blue glow covering the entire place. The players must be extremely careful here, because the place is haunted by skeletons.

New Nether blocks:

Version brings an incredible number of blocks that can be discovered in the described-above biomes. These are:
  • Crimson stem is a block located in crimson forests. It looks like wood but it is not flammable.
  • Warped stem is a block located in warped forests. It looks like wood but it is not flammable.
  • Basalt blocks are Nether pillars but you can use them for other purposes too
  • Crimsom Nylium are blocks serving as ground in crimson forests. It can be spread by using bone meal on it.
  • Warped Nylium are blocks serving as ground in warped forests. It can be spread as described in the point above
  • Shroomlights are newly introduced light sources
  • Nether sprouts are a new kind of vegetation
  • Crimsom roots are similar vegetation too
  • So are the Warped roots
  • Crimson fungi can be helped to grow with bone meal
  • Warped fungi can be helped to grow with bone meal
  • Weeping vines have a mainly decorative aim for the caves
  • Soul soil is an absolutely magic block. The players can use it to summon withers and to craft light sources
  • Target block, which is for now just experimental because the developers intend to improve it in the near future

New mobs:

  • The Nether Hoglins are mainly living in crimson biomes. They are very aggressive and they try to kill players as soon as they notice them. If destroyed, they are dropping pork chops. If you want to try breeding these beasts, you can do it by using crimson fungi, but the result may end in you getting hurt, so be cautious. Hoglins fear piglins (see description below) but not enough as to give up without a bloody fight. These creatures don’t really like warped fungi smells, so you can use it to keep them away. The baby hoglins are very cute. They try to look hostile, but they present no danger to the player.

  • The Nether Piglins also live in the same forests too but they also like to full around in the local wastes. Just like the previously described mobs, they are hostile, but not towards players who are dressed decently (just a hint). To avoid being destroyed by the piglins:
    1. Do never open chests in their presence
    2. Do never mine gold blocks in their presence

    You can barter for various helpful items with the piglins. For this, throw gold ingots at them.
    Piglins are very courageous and attack players and wither skeletons. They also attack hoglins, but as we already mentioned, the hoglins are not the most coward creatures so the results of such fights may vary from case to case.
    Piglins usually fight in large groups.

  • Nether Zombified Piglins are custom piglins that were infortunate enough to die in the overworld. They attack and scare the hell out of the ordinary piglins.

New Materials

Netherite is an absolutely awesome looking material. Players can use it to make their diamond gear better looking and more effective. Because this material does not sink in lava, in case a player wearing such a gear is affected by lava, he won’t lose all of his/her items. The items crafted with netherite have a high enchantment value and the tools are more durable. The netherite weapons cause a lot of damage and the armor is tougher (even more than the diamond weapons and armor). Moreover, the armor gives the player a resistance to knockback attacks. The player use netherite for creating ingots and as fuel for beacon. To obtain netherite, you should dig in the ancient debris in the deepest places of the Nether. We must warn you that this is extremely dangerous. After, combine four gold ingots with four netherite scrap in the crafting table.
This is all we had to tell about the novelties brought by this great beta, but don’t hurry to exit because there is also a long list of fixes and several changes. Since you, just like us, must be very excited about this spectacular update and want to explore it as soon as possible, we will make the description of the fixes and changes brief and comprehensive:

Main changes in MCPE 1.16

  • No mobs and players will drawn in lava anymore
  • The inflation state of the pufferfish is medium now
  • The attack of the Ender Dragon with its fireballs is not as destroying now
  • You can place pumpkins wherever you want now, without having to look for a supporting block
  • The same regarding fence gates
  • When the player holds an enchanted skull or when it is in his/her inventory, it will have a nice glow effect
  • Players can now get the flowers out of their pots
  • The blocks will now rotate and will look very realistic when dropped
  • The items will now rotate and will look very realistic when dropped too
  • When players make mega pine trees, podzol will be generated under spruce trees
  • The MCPE user can place top snow on cauldrons
  • The MCPE user can place top snow on composters
  • If the MCPE user plays in peaceful mode, no ghast will spawn in his/her worlds. In case this mode is enabled after a ghast is already here, it will just despawn.
  • The player can swim and jump suddenly from the water if he/she wants to
  • The Bad Omen’s particle has a dark shade of green color
  • When a players stands in the rain, he/she obtains a effect of conduit power
  • If you place cocoa pods in the water, they will break In case a drowned not holding a trident is destroyed, it will not drop any tridents anymore
  • The player can use broken arrows to create dispensers now
  • The despawning processes were modified to fit the Java edition of the game
  • The sounds for some blocks from the Nether were updated
  • The controls were improved to be used more easily by the players on all platforms
  • The players will now be able to improve their popularity in a village more reliably
  • The spawn rate of the iron Golems was increased
  • Cured zombie villages will offer discounts on their trades now
  • The Curse of Binding was introduced
  • The Curse of Vanishing was introduced
  • Flowing lava now has a pushing effect on the MCPE entities
  • When exploding, the TNT will no longer drop as an individual item
  • After finishing to swim in a bubble column, the MCPE user will not continue to imitate the swimming movement
  • When tools break, they will produce a specific sound now
  • When players kill mobs with lingering potions, they will drop XP
  • You can undye any shulker box now. This can be done using a cauldron.
  • Improved behavior of boats
  • Domesticated horses can be tempted only with food for breeding
  • Endermen can pick up the newly introduced blocks described at the beginning of the article, but not the Netherrack
  • The squid spawning rate was increased
  • Polar bears will chase players using all of its legs now
  • Flowing water is not an appropriate spawning place for fish anymore
  • When stacked in a vertical way, the walls will not display gaps anymore
  • If lava is near cactus blocks, these blocks might break now
  • If blocks fall on top of ice blocks or on top of glass, they will not break
  • If mycelium does not get enough light, it will not turn into dirt like it did before
  • When pointing Shears on Pumpkin, a carve tooltip will be shown
  • Improved exploding particles of the Eye of Ender to resemble the ones in the Java edition

In addition to everything described above, the MCPE developer also had to remove some crashes and bugs affecting the UI, the mobs, the blocks, and the gameplay, in general, to make the Minecraft PE experience smoother on all the platforms.
Before clicking on the download button below, take care not to miss the video trailer because it might offer even more information on this fantastic version.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.16.0

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