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Addon More Spiders 1.13
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Addon More Spiders 1.13

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Some of the addons featured on our website can be used as tools to overcome our phobias. For example, Addon Iguanas and Snakes helped us to become friends, that is tame some poisonous reptiles. Addon More Spiders adds a lot of new spiders, and by exploring and interacting with them, we will forget about being afraid.

Features of addon More Spiders

Available spiders:

  • Ender Spiders which, upon death drops eyes of ender spiders and purple colored strings

  • Pumpkin Spiders spawn on the green grass. Upon death, they drop pumpkins and orange-colored strings

  • Magma Spiders spawn in the Nether
  • Pigman Zombie Spiders also spawn in the Nether
  • Magma Pigman Spiders, like the previous two spiders, spawn in the Nether

  • Sand Spiders spawn in desert biomes

  • Kawaii Spiders are hostile only towards other kinds of spiders and can be tamed by the player with fermented spider eyes

  • Snow Spiders spawn in snowy biomes and attack by throwing snowballs

  • Obsidian Spiders
  • Red Obsidian Spiders

The addon also brings colored strings, but they are available only for the players who have Minecraft PE 1.12 installed. Another important condition is to enable Experimental Gameplay.
This is not all about this addon. It also brings a very big number of tangled by the spiders mobs, among which are alive and dead villagers, zombie villagers, wandering traders, iron golems, farm animals, hostile mobs like skeletons and creepers and many more.

Are you ready to defeat your fear of spider in this unusual way? Click on the download button and try it.
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Current version:
Download Addon More Spiders [7.51 Mb] (Downloads: 94)

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