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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Earlier today we promised you three great surprises. These are a new pack of cool skins (Skin Awsome Dude Spooky), the release of Minecraft PE 1.14.60 and the version we will talk about in this article, which is Minecraft PE
We must warn you that there is a lot to explore and to learn about, so make yourself comfortable and let’s see what’s new!

List of changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Of course, the MCPE developers had to fix many crashes and in-game errors, but we will talk about them later, because we have to focus on the changes and on the new features introduced to Minecraft PE. We will start with the most interesting features:

Newly introduced features:

  • Basalt Deltas which can be explored in the new Nether. Here you will discover a lot of Basalt columns, lava deltas, white ash flakes floating in the air, magma cubes, blackstones (a new kind of blocks), fungi and creepy twisting vines (which are, as a matter of fact, climbable).
  • Ruined Nether or Overworld Portals where you can discover Crying Obsidian blocks.
  • Bastion Remnants, which are fully made of blackstone and host hoglins and piglins. There are four kinds of such remnants. Such remnants can be discovered all over the Nether and you can even try to conquer them in case you are brave enough not to fear the piglins.
  • Blackstone which we mentioned above. This newly-introduced block can be discovered in bastions and it is a helpful component when crafting different tools and even furnaces. There is also the Gilded blackstone, which, upon destroyal, drops gold ingots.
  • Nether Gold that spawns all over the Nether.
  • Lodestone which can be easily transformed into a special functional compass
  • Respawn Anchors that will help the player set respawning spots while he/she spends time in the Nether.
  • Striders, which are peaceful mobs that spawn within lava. Outside the lava they seem to freeze. The player can breed them and even mount them.
  • Zoglins are also new mobs. Actually they are the ordinary hoglins brought to the overworld, in one word zombie hoglins. Unlike the mobs described above, the zoglins are extremely hostile and the player can neither breed nor feed them.
  • The ability to use Netherite in crafting tools and weapons.
  • Soul Speed Enchantment will help you run really fast within the soulsand valleys. The player may obtain it by trading with the piglins.
  • Craftable Warped Stems
  • Craftable Crimson Hyphae
  • Craftable Soul Campfire
  • Chiseled Nether bricks
  • Cracked Nether bricks
  • Quartz Nether bricks
  • Three new music pieces by Lena Raine
  • New terrifying sounds for the Soulsand Valley and the Warped and Crimson Woods.


  • The value of the villager trades are like the ones in the Java game edition
  • The honey and honeycomb blocks have new sounds
  • Dried kelp and warped wart, Nether wart, hay, and other blocks can now be dug with the hoe
  • Mobs that have the habit to panic in some situations, will now panic every time there is a damage danger
  • New sounds in caves
  • New information sections on third-party servers
  • Players can now remove other players from their worlds by accessing the section
  • If the player has Operation permission, he/she may kick other players. This can be done by certain commands and this possibility includes many options
  • The Realm owners also may remove players now
  • Realm’s name is now displayed on the Pause screen
  • The “spawnpoint” command is now usable while in the Nether


  • A crash happening when beds explode in the Nether was removed
  • A crash happening sometimes when certain characters are typed in the chat was removed
  • A crash happening every time the player uses the /fill command with soul fire was removed

In addition to these serious crashes, the MCPE developers also fixed a long list of errors affecting the ordinary players, the addon creators and everyone interested in the Minecraft PE scripting features.
This is general information about this new, fantastic game version. To find out more, watch the video trailer below this article and share the good news with all your Minecraft friends.
Please note that Minecraft Bedrock is not a full version, so follow all the recommendations specific to beta versions.
Visit our website regularly to always be up to date with the most popular MCPE downloads, including the latest game versions. Have a great time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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