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Minecraft PE 1.12.0 (Full version)
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Minecraft PE 1.12.0 (Full version)

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Good news is always welcome and we are all curious to find out all the details. This time the new 1.12.0 version of Minecraft for Android has a very long list of fixes and new features and we can’t wait to tell you about them, but first let us remind you to back up your worlds before starting the present beta version. Also, note that you cannot access Realms and other players playing non-beta versions while you are checking the present one. If you intend to create worlds in this version, be aware that you will not have the possibility to access them using older MCPE versions, so it would be reasonable to save them.
Now we are ready for the most pleasant part: the presentation of the new available features.

New MCPE features

• Instance IDs of the items synchronize now between the servers and the clients.
• A very cool new game rule called spawnRadius. Players will be able to pick up a number up to 32 in order to generate a specific area where players are going to spawn. The larger the number, the bigger the spawning area. Players can spawn in any spot of the radius. This game rule was inspired from Minecraft Java Edition.
• Content logging has been enabled for the server dedicated to Bedrock.
• Now, by using redstone ticks, you can add delay to the command blocks.

Addons for the creators of MCPE maps and addons

• New items can be added using addons
• By accessing the world templates, you can enable or disable mob events.
• You can now add particles and even animation, even if they are not linked to any entity.
• In you will be able to adapt armor and inventory using scripting.
• ExecuteCommand was added for the Scripting API
• Some scripting events that will help interact with the items was added, e.g. item dropped.
• A screen allowing viewing the content log problems has been created. It can be accessed either by entering the settings and after the profile or by pressing Ctrl and H.
• You can add custom blocks using Scripting, but for now only via additional JPEG scripts.
• You can place blocks by applying slash commands.
• Documentation that would allow including “Breaking Changes” department has been improved.
• A big number of API related changes as well as 2 new APIs added
Now that we brought the news about the addons intended for the creators of maps and addons, it is time to get to the long awaited fixes for all MCPE players.

Fixes in MCPE 1.12.0

Gameplay fixes:
• The page displaying the marketplace offers is now able to display more than 25 items.
• The items being split by slots will be considered one total item in the Villager trading window
• In Realm, the Hero of the Village effect can be gained only by players who took part in Raids
• Bells ring in case they are hit with the help of lingering potions or splashes.
• The mob spawners are now able to spawn mobs only in case the level of the light is higher than seven.
• If pushed with pistons, the cocoa beans will break and then drop
• The End gateway portal will now transfer players to the proper location
• Packed Ice now breaks faster under the influence of Efficiency Pickaxes
• TNT is now able to knock back players who are curing
• The Grindstone can combine and fix 2 damaged items correctly
• Players may interact with different blocks using charged crossbows
• Players can get a Bed Omen effect just in case they kill the Pillager Captain
• An issue related to the fact that players could not place some of the blocks until restarting the game has been fixed.
Crash fixes:
• A few detected crashes that used to occur during the gameplay have been fixed
• The performance of using selectors via commands has been improved
• A crash occurring when some specific blocks (for example beds) are in the loading process while entering the Realm has been resolved.
• A crash occurring after throwing the Trident using a trust enchantment has been resolved
• A crash occurring from time to time when leaving the gameplay has been resolved.
Fixes related to the generation of the world:
• The amount of job sites in the village has been tweaked
• A bug causing the generation of the wrong blocks has been fixed.
Mob fixes:
• Villagers who cure can maintain their job sites
• During Raids, Vindicators will be able to path properly over carpets
• Mobs will not path-find over Brewing Stands anymore
• In case you reload your world, the Wither will not play the spawn animation anymore
• A sound announcing that the player refuses to trade has been added
• The Pillager Captains are going to drop banners in a proper way if the world is being reloaded
• Mobs are able to spawn on double slabs now
• If path-finding on ladders, mobs will not get stuck anymore
• The custom sounds of the Zombie Villager are back again!
• The Wandering Trader has new sounds
• If switching a custom Pillager to Captain using tag commands, the banner will be displayed correctly.
• If having a “move to the village” target, the Evoker will not move too quickly now
• Villagers who are in the process of active trading with the player will not run away and hide in case they hear a Raid alarm.
• Clerics find their job sites properly
Fixes regarding blocks and items:
• Scaffoldings cannot be placed on top of Conduit blocks anymore
• If a player hits the Bell, it will swing in the direction of the one who has done this.
• Mine carts can be placed on Rails without being prevented by dropped items
• In case of removing the empty bottles from a brewing stand, they will stack properly
• The shields placed in item frames do not look too bright now
• The brightness of the sea grass has been fixed
• The Barrel has an individual position in the “Creative” inventory.

Fixes regarding the graphical and user interface:
• A problem affecting some textures of the Village skins has been resolved
• The note block particles now match the played notes
• Issues regarding the textures of the trapdoors and doors were fixed
• The color of the horse’s leather armor does not affect other armors anymore.
• The Cartography UI has been adjusted so as to fit the android screens in case you are using Classic UI
• A script bug that could provoke the floating of the players has been fixed
• The pick block works properly on entities added via add-ons
Other fixes:
• In situations when players have to reload the world, arrows that were shot in blocks will maintain their positions now.
• The resource packs related to the marketplace will apply in the “world edit” right after being downloaded
• The “always day” button makes correct animations and displays the right setting
• If the fishing hook is being killed by a command, players will have the possibility to cast it repeatedly not having to click twice on the right button.
We must also inform you that the developers are aware of two problems (some of the mobs having a wrong head geometry during sleep or in a sitting position and Shield and Tridents being invisible when held) and promise to fix them in the nearest game update.
In this article, we described most of the offered fixes and features. In order to discover all of them click the download button and enjoy the game.
We are sure that you want to be in the first line to try the new MCPE Beta version, with all its new features and fixes and you can have it. Make sure to share the good news with your friends and leave feedback.
In case you want/need to download an older Minecraft PE version you can find it in the Download Minecraft section of our website. Besides precious information and downloads for the game versions, you can also check the newest and most interesting mods, maps and texture packs. Have a great time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.12.0

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