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Addon More Golems 1.10
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Addon More Golems 1.10

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You surely know how helpful golems are in a Minecraft game. Addon More Golems 1.10 offers a big number of different golems in order for you to defeat the evil monsters with less difficulty. You will be able to spawn them by using commands or an egg, but first, you will have to turn on the experimental gameplay.

How does addon More Golems work

Turn on the experimental gameplay and after, use a command or an egg to spawn one or more golems from the listed below list.
  • The Ice Golems are not very fond of swimming because they can melt when contacting the water. They are able to spawn on any kind of frozen biome. When killed, the ice golems drop ice pieces.
  • The Wooden Golems. There are more types of these golems including the spruce, oak, dark oak, jungle, birch, and acacia golems. All of them have the same behavior as the iron golem does. They are spawning in biomes covered by trees (for example in forests) in accordance with their wood type. When killed, they drop planks that correspond to their wood type, for instance, acacia golems drop acacia planks.
  • The Quartz Golems have an approximately identic behavior to the iron golem. They spawn in the Nether and drop quartz minerals if killed.
  • The Magma Golems are dealing with the monsters on water. They are not affected by the fire. Just like the quartz golems, the magma golems spawn in the Nether. If killed, they drop magma blocks.

  • The Stone Golems have similar behavior to the iron golems’ one. They spawn either underground or in caves. In case they are killed, they drop cobblestones.
  • The Sandstone Golems as well have an iron golem-like behavior. They spawn in the desert and drop sandstones when killed.

Addon More Golems is a very useful add-on if your aim is to defeat monsters. Download it, have fun, share your experience with friends and do not forget to leave feedback! If you like the present add-on you will surely want to explore for more, so be welcome to explore our website for the newest mods, maps, textures and much more useful stuff for Minecraft PE.
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