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Addon Dark Dragon 1.16.101
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Addon Dark Dragon 1.16.101

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If you like dragons, you probably already tried Addon Dragon Mounts, Addon Spyro The Dragon, and other addons featuring these fantastic creatures. Addon Dark Dragon also brings a beautiful dark dragon. You will get the possibility to tame, equip, and ride it.

How does addon Dark Dragon work

Taming the Dark Dragon is not very complicated, but before doing this, you will have to find a wild one and defeat it. Upon death, the dragon will drop a spawn egg and in several moments you will see the tameable Dark Dragon.
Addon Dark Dragon 1.16.101

To tame it, you can use either beef or cod. Even if it sounds funny, donats are also suitable for this task.
If the taming process is successful, the next step is to equip your new friend with a saddle.
You can also craft a special armor for the Dark Dragon. The crafting recipe is displayed below.

If you want to see what itțs like to ride such a beautiful creature, click on the download button below the article, share it with other players, and leave feedback.
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