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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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In the previous article published today on our website, that is the one about Minecraft PE 1.18.2, we told you that this week the Mojang team released two versions instead of one as they usually do. The second one, Minecraft PE, is a beta and it brings interesting features, changes, technical updates, and of course bug fixes.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

In this beta, the developers:
  • Continued to fix issues related to bedrock replacing deepslate after upgrading the worlds to Minecraft PE 1.18
  • Resolved a problem preventing players from placing light blocks on top of each other while sneaking
  • Fixed a crash occurring while trading with a villager cartographer
  • Resolved the bug making foods give effects that last way longer than intended
  • Resolved the issue of honey bottles failing to remove the poison effect
  • Resolved the issue of players failing to teleport after consuming chorus fruit
  • Resolved the issue of player’s view direction snapping when facing certain directions from a boat
  • Resolved the problem of the camera tilting to the right instead of tilting to the left when the player dies
  • Fixed the bug making lava’s hitbox extend beyond its normal limits
  • Corrected the slimes’ behavior in relation to the snow golems
  • Improved the dirt path’s textures
  • Modified the texture filename of door oak
  • Fixed the parrots’ broken wing textures
  • Modified the textures of melon and beetroot seeds, cocoa beans, glass panes, stained glass, and more so they can match Java Edition
  • Improved the texture of the armor stand’s base
  • Removed the hoods from some character’s costumes, for example, the evokers
  • Modified the textures of iron and oak doors
  • Modified the hammer icon’s color on the anvil’s screen
  • Removed an extra pixel from the carrots’ texture
    Minecraft PE

  • Improved the textures of the dark oak planks
  • Improved the textures of spruce planks on barrels and of planks on lecterns
  • Improved the textures of diamond and gold armor
  • Resolved the issue of end crystal beams not rendering anymore after the end crystals gets out of the player’s sight limits
  • Fixed the broken visual on the inventory screen when the player glides
  • Resolved the bug preventing the “Invite to Game” button from working correctly

As the MCPE developers often do, this time they also carried out a lot of technical updates and fixes, but we will talk about them another time because we are sure that you want to download and try this version as soon as possible.
Keep following us and we will do our best to keep you informed about all the newest game versions and about everything happening in Minecraft Bedrock. Please be a good friend and share the articles you consider most important or interesting with other players, leave feedback, and have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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