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Addon Craftmon - Galar 1.16.221
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Addon Craftmon - Galar 1.16.221

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Pokemons are very popular among our subscribers. If you like them too, you have probably already tried Addon SERP Pokédrock and Map Pokemon Battles! Addon Craftmon – Galar brings is also an addon of this kind, but all its features differ a lot. The pokemons are not the same either.

Features of addon Craftmon – Galar

As its name suggests, this addon brings pokemons from the Galar Region. They are all dispayed in the pictures below. They have custom animation and spawn in different biomes, depending on their origins and characteristics.
Addon Craftmon - Galar 1.16.221

To catch pokemons, you will need one of the next pokeballs depending on their stage:
  • Regular pokeball
  • Great pokeball
  • Ultra pokeball

Upon death, pokemons may drop pokecoins, pokeballs and other items.

Other features:

  • Rotom Mart. Craft this and tap it with a league cart and you can obtain a lot of useful stuff from it using pokecoins.

  • Healing Machine. This machine will heal your pokemons when they faint. This is especially useful when you make them fight bosses.

  • Taxi. You can attach a taxi to a Corviknight using a special card that can be obtained from the rotom mart.

  • Dropped pokeballs. They will spawn all over the world and may contain different items that can be exchanged at the rotom mart.

  • Pokeball crate. These crates spawn very rarely. They contain a lot of dropped pokeballs.

  • Master balls. They can also be obtain from the rotom mart and will help you catch any pokemon with a 100% success rate

  • Camping tent. You can use this tent to protect yourself from monsters. It emits light.

  • Cooking Pot. Use it to cook candy soup and other dishes. The pot and the tent can be obtained from the rotom mart and you will get them as a set.

  • Rare Candy Soup, Bluk Berry Soup

  • Max Raid Dens. Interact with it using a wishing star obtained from dropped pokeballs and a pokemon will transform into a Reid boss. You can make any pokemon fight it. When defeated, bosses will turn black and white and you can catch them with a premier ball.

  • Gaming Machine. With this machine you can test your luck using pokecoins.

If you want to try this addon, click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons below, but note that you can use it only if you are using one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.16.221).
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