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Map Defend The Villager 1.10
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Map Defend The Villager 1.10

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Would you like to save the world from evil zombies? You can start by installing the Map Defend The Villager mini-game. This is going to be a very challenging experience since the lives of the villagers depend on you and do not expect that you will have a lot of armor to fight the zombies that want to attack them.

How to play at map Defend The Villager

First of all, you must know that you will be equipped only with one bow with arrows. The zombies are going to spawn in the Village and you will have to fight them in order to save the villagers from their attacks. In case a zombie succeeds to attack a peaceful Villager, he will turn into a zombie too.
There are ten levels to go through, each of them being of one minute. As you pass the levels, the next ones are going to get harder and more challenging.

If you are fond of such mini-games, you will find a lot of them by visiting our website, but for starters, try to become a winner in the Map Defend The Villager, share your experience with friends and leave feedback. For more maps, as well as mods, textures, skins and much more, do not hesitate to explore the given sections. Also, do not miss the newest versions of the game: Minecraft 1.10, Minecraft 1.11.0 and Minecraft

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