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Minecraft PE 1.20
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Minecraft PE 1.20

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Minecraft PE 1.20 is definitely the most important release of this month not only because it is a full version and brings all the cool features we told you about in the article about Minecraft PE, but also because it is the very first 1.20 update! We hope you enjoy it!

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20

Because this is only the first 1.20 update, the game developers warn us that the following features will be further updated and will go through many changes in order to become better and even more interesting.
  • Chiseled Bookshelves. You can use these shelves to keep more enchanted books and quills.
  • Bamboo Wood set. This wood, like any other type of wood, can be used to craft stairs, slabs, and much more. Moreover, it includes mosaic blocks which can be used to create unique floors. Another surprise brought by this feature is the possibility to make rafts.
    Minecraft PE 1.20

  • Hanging Signs. Now you can make your worlds more attractive thanks to the fact that you can hang signs. They can be placed either on block sides or beneath them and any type of wood is suitable for crafting them.

  • Camels. This is the best and most long-awaited feature. These lovely animals are very active. They sprint and dash almost never getting tired. When they eventually do get tired, they can sit and rest but only for a short while. Like most animals in MCPE, camels can be tempted and bred. You can even ride it and if you want company, you can ask a friend to join you because the camel’s back is big enough for two passengers.

We are sure you will have great fun discovering all these features. Click on the download button, install this version and start enjoying.
Follow our website to be up to date with upcoming updates. When you get bored with the new features which we are sure will not happen too soon, but anyway, you are welcome to check our mods, maps, and other free downloads. Have fun!

Video trailer of Minecraft PE 1.20

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