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Texture Pack Trivial Tweaks 1.13
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Texture Pack Trivial Tweaks 1.13

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As we all know, tweaks are made to slightly improve either our gameplay or the appearance of the MCPE worlds. We already presented a few; these are Texture Pack Simple Tweaks and Texture Pack Default Tweaks. We hope you found them useful and today we will give you the possibility to apply some more thanks to Texture Pack Trivial Tweaks.

Features of Textures Trivial Tweaks

Here is the list of tweaks provided by this texture pack:
  • Outlined ores

  • Connected grass as to be more like optifine grass

  • Improved glass textures
  • Minimized water detalization
  • Better visibility through doors

  • Better visibility through trapdoors

  • Removed the pumpkin outline when it is worn
  • Removed rain splashes
  • More transparent rain
  • Minimized the indicators of bow and sword charge

  • Numbered HUD
    Texture Pack Trivial Tweaks 1.13

  • Lower fire
  • Clear chat borders

  • Removed more than forty useless particles
  • Added slime on the sides of sticky pistons

To find out more details about this pack, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below.
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Video Trailer of Texture Pack Trivial Tweaks

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