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Texture Pack Simple Tweaks 1.10
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Texture Pack Simple Tweaks 1.10

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The creator of Texture Pack Simple Tweaks, that is Xynnful, noticed that some Minecraft PE items and blocks do not look quite nice and decided to improve their textures and properties. Initially, he made this only for himself, since the way they looked bothered him, but when the texture pack was done, he, fortunately, decided to share it with all MCPE players.

Features of Textures Simple Tweaks

Texture Pack Simple Tweaks affects just a small number of items and blocks, but if the players will appreciate the creator’s work, he promises to update and expand it in the future.
List of modified items and blocks:
  • The mouths of the Carved Pumpkin and Jack o’Lantern
  • The length of the grass on the Mycelium, Grass Blocks, Grass Paths, Snow Grass Blocks, and Podzol
  • The shape of the holes in the Furnace was modified. So was the on/off button.
  • The line color of the Brick Blocks
  • Swords and Axes have a different color and are sharper than before.
  • The Gold, Diamond and Emerald Blocks have a different color.

Note: The present texture pack works only on Minecraft PE 1.11 and later versions, so in case you have an older version, make sure to download a suitable one. Our Download Minecraft section offers downloads for all the MCPE versions for free.
Even if Texture Pack Simple Tweaks does not bring grand changes to your Minecraft world, with its help it will be definitely more pleasant to interact with the above-mentioned items and blocks, so we recommend you download it by hitting the button below this article, tell your friends and let us know about your impressions.
If you want to discover more new and cool textures, as well as mods, maps, and skins, welcome to our website.

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