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Texture Pack SUBARU 1.10
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Texture Pack SUBARU 1.10

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Imagine your player having the chance to visit Japan in the wintertime. This is now possible with the Texture Pack SUBARU 1.10. Soon we will offer you the possibility to install another texture pack linked to Japan, that is called YAMATO, so, if you want a complete set of Japanese blocks, textures and items, be sure to follow the updates on our website.
By installing the present texture pack, you will find yourself in a world full of Japanese styled objects in the wintertime. You will even find a snowman, to make the picture complete.

What's new in Textures SUBARU 1.10

  • Japanese styled items
  • Japanese styled blocks
  • Japanese styled buttons for your interface
  • A snowman
  • Japanese styled houses and trees covered with snow

We are sure that you want to try on this pack in order to travel, at least virtually to this fantastic country. The picture is even more wonderful due to the winter season, so feel free to install it right now, leave your feedback and share with your friends.
If you want to explore other environments, check our website for more texture packs, as well as maps, skins, mods and a lot more.
Also, do not miss the newest versions of the game: Minecraft 1.10 and Minecraft 1.11.0

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