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Seed Extreme Color and Biomes 1.10
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Seed Extreme Color and Biomes 1.10

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The Extreme Color and Biomes seed pack welcomes you to an absolutely amazing biome, which will allow you to explore a lot of fascinating and rare places.

What's interesting in seed Extreme Color and Biomes

  • A temple made of sand
  • A village
  • Two Mesa biomes, one of which is amplified
  • An underground ravine
  • A very big extreme hill
  • An orange desert
  • A deep oak forest
  • A cave

Your player will spawn not far from the extreme hills, which are located next to the oak forest. The rest of the above-mentioned places are on the other side of the hill.
If we succeeded in stimulating your interest regarding the seed Extreme Color and Biomes for MCPE, share it with your friends, leave your feedback and check our website for other interesting seeds. Beside this, you will find a big number of sections, including mods, maps, texture packs and more.
If you did not have the chance to do it earlier, be sure to download the newest versions of the game, which are Minecraft PE 1.10 and Minecraft PE 1.11 in order to have a great time playing with your friends. Enjoy!

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