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Addon Godzilla Heisei 1.13
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Addon Godzilla Heisei 1.13

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Godzilla is a legendary fictional monster and so are its so-called friends: Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan. We already introduced our subscribers to one of them in Addon Heisei King Ghidorah. Today, Addon Godzilla Heisei, brings all of these characters to our virtual worlds.

Features of addon Godzilla Heisei

Thanks to this addon, you will meet the following monsters:
Godzilla has a health of 250. It attacks all its enemies with its deathly atom breath. Godzilla’s main rival is Ghidorah.
Addon Godzilla Heisei 1.13

Ghidorah, as we already mentioned, is Godzilla’s nemesis. Its health is of three hundred and it blasts lighting at its enemies until they die. Besides Godzilla, Ghidorah hates Mothra and attacks it every time it sees it.

Mothra is not as strong as the previous character, having a health of one hundred and fifty, but this does not stop it from attacking Ghidorah. Besides Ghidorah, it also attacks Rodan (see description below). Mothra’s power is its melee attack.

Rodan’s power is also melee attack. This monster attacks Mothra and Godzilla and it has a health of two hundred.

Important! To be able to use the present addon, enable Experimental Gameplay mode.
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