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Addon Aether 1.13
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Addon Aether 1.13

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Since the release of Minecraft PE 1.16, we have talked a lot about the Nether and its features, but today we will talk about the opposite: the Aether. Addon Aether brings two kinds of islands that will generate up in the skies of your MCPE world.

How does addon Aether work

If you will turn on Experimental Gameplay and Mob Spawning after installing the present addon, two kinds of islands will appear up in the skies. They will appear only when the player is nearby and the weather is fine.

On these islands, you will discover two kinds of whirlwinds: an ordinary one and a dark one. If you prefer so, you can summon them independently by using the /summon aether: whirlwind and /summon aether: dark_whirlwind commands.
Upon destroyal, the ordinary one drops six kinds of new blocks and you can use them however you like in your MCPE builds. Moreover, this whirlwind gives the players who are nearby a levitation effect.

Addon Aether 1.13

The dark one drops evil mobs, but only when it’s dark outside.
In case you forgot to turn on Experimental Gameplay, no islands will spawn, but you will still be able to find the blocks mentioned above in your inventory.
To try this addon, use the download button below this article, share it with your friends and let us know about your opinion on it.
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