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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We are still fascinated by the Nether Update, also known as Minecraft PE 1.16, the version that made the Nether even more mysterious and terrifying. Today we have a new version, which is Minecraft PE and it brings a nice list of fixes meant to make our gameplay even more comfortable.
Make sure to back up your existing worlds, because as soon as you launch, it will replace the worlds you are working at. Also, note that the worlds built in it cannot be opened using earlier game versions, so you would better make copies of them too.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Because the Nether Update was released only a short while ago, many errors and even crashes were detected. Our hardworking MCPE developers made their best to remove at least the worst ones:
  • The problem impeding some imported world templates from being seen on Gear VR was resolved
  • The problem impeding chunks from loading properly on Realms was resolved
  • Alex’s wrong skin textures were corrected
  • A goal-related problem of the villagers was removed
  • The enchantments that worked incorrectly were fixed
  • The sheared sheep being displayed incorrectly after the shearing procedure was fixed
  • Specific music disc names being displayed correctly were fixed
  • Maps converted through Editions being displayed at an incorrect scale were fixed
  • The sign text not being displayed correctly when written through glass was fixed
  • The weird flashing of maps in item frames occurring before the map is completely loaded was fixed
  • The scale of animations now has a linear interpolation between keyframes
  • The issue preventing the geometry to change immediately when using a render controller was fixed
  • Updated the selectors with empty tags as arguments.

Thanks to the above-listed fixes, your Minecraft PE experience will be smoother now, so watch the video trailer below, click on the download button and start exploring!
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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    Wow minecraft is great
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    Wow minecraft is great

    Wow minecraft is great
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