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Addon yCreatures 1.13
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Addon yCreatures 1.13

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If you are an animal lover, a Minecraft player and have one of the latest game versions installed, Addon yCreatures will give you an experience like no other, because it adds no more no less than one hundred wild animals, birds and water creatures to your MCPE world.

Features of addon yCreatures

First thing, before getting to the description of this addon, we must tell you that it comes in two variants: Addon yCreatures and Addon yCreatures Plus. The first one can be used by any MCPE player and the second one, which is a more sophisticated version featuring better and bigger biomes, works only with the latest game versions and requires a device with a lot of memory. The quantity of the featured animals is the same for both variants.
By downloading Addon yCreatures, you will meet a lot of amazing creatures in your MCPE worlds. Each of them comes in a male and in a female version. Many can be tamed and interacted with. Each species has its specific behavior, textures and animations.
Here you will find wild dangerous animals like tigers and lions, cute tree-climbers like monkeys and koalas, water inhabitants like dolphins and whales, rare species like alligator turtles and bongos and many, many more.
Here are some pictures of the featured creatures:

Water inhabitants:

Earth animals:

To download this addon, choose the variant that suits your device better and click on one of the buttons below.
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