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Addon Bull (Toro) 1.13
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Addon Bull (Toro) 1.13

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We all know bulls as peaceful, but strong and grand domestic animals. With Addon Bull (Toro) the bull is not initially domestic, so you will have to make an effort to tame it. Take a look below to learn how to do this and to find out more details about your future pet.

Features of addon Bull (Toro)

After installing this addon, you can spawn the bull naturally in Survival Gamemode.
When wild, the bulls behave peacefully but have very strong attack damage if bothered either by the player or other hostile mobs. It has no fear of any blades and if it’s angry, is able to leave the player without half of his/her health bar at once.
Of course, such an animal is able to make a very good friend and guardian, so we recommend you to try to tame it. For this, use wheat which is the bull’s favorite food.
When tamed, the bull will defend you from the attacks of any of your enemies.

If you are curious about today’s tamable animal, download the add-on by using the button below this article, show it to your MCPE friends and let us know about what you think.
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