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Addon More Mobs Remastered! 1.16
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Addon More Mobs Remastered! 1.16

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Meeting new characters in Minecraft Bedrock is always interesting. Our subscribers already had the chance to interact with a lot by installing Addon Raboy’s Mobs, Addon New Adventure Plus, and other similar addons. Today you can add several new ones offered by Addon More Mobs Remastered! They are also very cool and we are sure you will enjoy their company.

Features of addon More Mobs Remastered!

Here are all the new mobs you can bring into your world by installing this addon:
  • Crabs. Be careful because they can pinch you
    Addon More Mobs Remastered! 1.16

  • Ice Blazes. Upon death, they drop ice blazes

  • Eagles. They can be usually seen flying over desert biomes.

  • Vultures. They have the same characteristics as the eagles.

  • Phoenix Birds. These hostile birds spawn when eagles get hit by lightning

  • Rhinos. They are hostile and they live in deserts and in jungles.

  • T-Rexes. These dinosaurs are very dangerous and can be defeated only with ranged weapons.

  • Stegosauruses. They are even stronger than T-Rexes.

  • Giants. Unfortunately, they do not spawn naturally.

  • Sharks. They have a lot of XP, are very strong, and live in oceans.

  • Whales. They also live in oceans but are neutral mobs. Players can ride them.

Other Features:

  • Ice Rods. Dropped by Ice Blazes upon death

  • Dinosaur Fangs. Both T-rexes and Stegosauruses drop them upon death.

  • Ordinary Ice Staff

  • Mega Ice Staff

  • Ice Armor

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