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Addon Raboy's Mobs 1.17.30
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Addon Raboy's Mobs 1.17.30

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A few days ago we published an article about the new Minecraft PE beta version. We hope you managed to read the article and try the version. Today you can even use it to try a very cool new addon called Addon Raboy's Mobs. This addon will add several mobs inspired by “The Tomorrow War” movie plus several new items.

Features of addon Raboy's Mobs

By installing this addon, you will have the chance to meet the following characters from “The Tomorrow War”:
  • The White Spikes. This mob spawns in snowy biomes. It is very aggressive and fast. It usually attacks every kind of mobs and players, having mercy only for fish and other white spikes. There are also female and baby white spikes. The females are slower, but bigger in size. The babies are even weaker and slower. Upon death, males drop carapaces that can be used to craft a very strong kind of armor that can be enchanted and the females drop claws that serve as main ingredient in crafting a very strong scythe.
    Addon Raboy's Mobs 1.17.30



    Enchanted Armor


  • The Colossal Squid. We bet you never met squids of these sizes. This one is absolutely huge. These mobs are neutral. Do not hit them because their reaction will surprise you in a very unpleasant way. They can be very fast and mean. These squids can be bred using salmon. Upon death, they drop their eyes and a lot of meat that you can cook in any possible way.

  • The Jade Dragon. This dragon is a strong boss. It usually spawns in extreme hills. Upon death, it explodes and it drops its heart.

  • The Wizard. This mob can be found in taigas, inside houses. You can give him enchanted apples and jade dragon hearts and he will give you a lot of high-quality loot in exchange. You can untame this mob by hitting it once. Be careful not to do it twice because this will make him attack you.

  • The Jellyfish. The jellyfish can be of four different kinds. Unlike all the mobs mentioned above, these ones are entirely peaceful. They can be found in oceans. Upon death, jellyfish drop slimes that can be used to craft slime blocks.

  • The Phoenix is another boss brought by this addon. It is very strong and it is immune to fire and any entity attacks. When it rains, this mythical bird transforms into a stone. You can leas and tame it. To tame it, use either a golden apple or a nether star. Taming this boss can bring both benefits and harm. When tamed, the Phoenix gives you some fantastic powers but it also enchants you with a bad omen effect for three days. It can attack in two different ways. Upon death, the Phoenix drops feathers.

Other features:

  • Wizard’s house. Like we mentioned in the Wizard’s description, these houses can be found in taigas.
  • Colossal Squid meat and eyes
  • Jade Dragon Heart
  • Potion of the Depths
  • Box Jellyfish specimen and antidote

If you want to try the above-described addon, hit the download button and if you enjoy the experience, share this article with all your friends so they can try it too.
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