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Addon New Adventure Plus 1.17
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Addon New Adventure Plus 1.17

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During the last week, we have published a couple of articles bringing new mobs. These were Addon Bedrock Plus and Addon Raboy’s Mobs. If you already tried them and met all the characters, perhaps you will find some time to welcome several new ones brought by Addon New Adventure Plus. Some of them may seem familiar to you because they are vanilla mobs but retextured. In addition, you will get the chance to discover new items, foods, etc.

Features of addon New Adventure Plus

Here are the mobs you will meet after installing the present addon:
  • The Monster from Cave Depths
    Addon New Adventure Plus 1.17

  • The Brown Spider

  • The Basalt Worm

  • The Crab (it can be of three different kinds: ordinary, with a nautilus, and the mushroom crab)

  • The White Enderman

  • The Ender Phantom

  • The Brute Enderman

  • The Red Phantom

  • The Taiga Bear

  • The Skeleton (retextured)
  • The Zombie (retextured)
  • The Drowned (retextured)

Other features:

  • Soul Pumpkin

  • Cemetery

  • Beach House (made from ship wreckage)

  • Beach. The new kind of beach contains more shells and palms with coconuts growing on them

  • Ender Phantom Nest

  • Chorus Fruit Stew

  • Frames

  • Phantom Membrane Balloon

  • Ice Bomb

  • Rose

  • Cactus Flower

  • Mesa Tower

  • Surfaced Ship

  • Copper Armor

  • Leather

  • Hunger (food item that gives hunger effect when consumed)

  • Cookie

  • Chest (an amazing chest containing all the things offered by this addon. To get it, use the command shown in the picture below)

If you want to try the above-described addon, you will have to follow several rules:
  1. Install Minecraft PE. 17 or a later game version
    Enable the Experimental Features toggles as shown below

    Click on the download button below this article and install the addon

For more mods and other Bedrock-related surprises, check our website and have fun!

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