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Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200
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Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200

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Many of us adore learning about legendary creatures. Dragons are probably the most popular ones. A while ago we published an article about Addon Dragon Mounts. At that time the addon was quite often downloaded and gained popularity. Today we are happy to tell you that the addon was updated and the creator developed a lot of new and interesting features including new creatures, objects, and even a new dimension. The new, improved addon was named Addon Dragon Mounts 2.

Features of addon Dragon Mounts 2

The new dimension we mentioned above s the Aether. The player can enter it using a special craftable portal (see pictures below).
Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200

In the mentioned-above dimension, there is a new kind of material used in crafting. It is called Skyroot and it is a kind of wood.

Of course, this dimension also has a lot of mobs living in it. These are:
  • Aether Phantoms

  • Flying Pigs
  • Flying Cows

  • Blue Swets

  • Yellow Swets
  • Aether Creepers

  • Lightning Birds

  • Even if some of these mobs are hostile, they do not compare to a couple of new bosses who also live in the Aether. These are:
  • The Aether Dragon

  • The Minotaur

We recommend you don’t leave the rest of the dimensions, that is the End, the Nether, and the Overworld unexplored because they also have many interesting mobs to meet, namely:
  • The Ender Dragon

  • The Nether Dragon

  • The Magma Dripper

  • The Wither Dragon

  • The Female Fire Dragon

  • The Male Fire Dragon

  • The Skysailor (comes in different colors depending on the biome it spawns in)

  • The Celestial Skulk Glider

  • The Skeleton Dragon

Other Features:

  • Dragon Eggs

  • Dragon Armor

  • Skysailor Armor

  • Dragon Scale Armor
  • Dragon Scale
  • Dragon Whistle

  • Dragon Shears

  • Dragon Meat

To be able to enjoy this great new addon, you should use one of the latest game versions, Minecraft PE 1.16.200 being the earliest one suitable for it.
If you liked the presented-above addon, we suggest you check the Mods section on our website, because there are a lot of other cool ones waiting for you to try them. Please share the ones you consider the best with your friends, leave feedback, and have fun!

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