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Minecraft PE 1.16.200
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Minecraft PE 1.16.200

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By visiting our website, you will always be up to date with the latest game-related news, and today is one of those days. The Mojang Studios team released Minecraft PE 1.16.200. This version contains almost as many changes, updates, and fixes as Minecraft PE 1.16.100, so take your time to explore them.

New features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200

Starting with this grand release, the players will have many more possibilities and of course, the playing process will be smoother and bugless.
Let’s start with what’s most important:

New game features:

  • From now on, the Ray Tracing can be enabled by the Windows 10 users if they have the required graphic hardware. This means that your MCPE world will acquire a totally new dimension with cutting-edge lighting and super-realistic textures. Thanks to this option, everything, starting with the lighting, and ending in the maps will be incredibly beautiful and realistic. The map and addon creators can benefit from these possibilities too because the developers introduced new documentation for creating game content.
    Minecraft PE 1.16.200

  • From now on, the Open XR can be used on Windows 10. This is done to support Oculus VR and Windows MR. This way you can use an optional open-sourced API standard that will allow you to join a bigger choice of devices from the vendors who span across MR/VR devices. The Open XR option allows a better unification of the MR and VR devices.

  • From now on, the RenderDragon can be enabled by Windows 10 users too. This way, the Windows 10 users can also enjoy a better game stability. Unfortunately, mobile users cannot use this option yet, but the Mojang team is working on this.
  • As we mentioned in an article about a previously-released version, the MCPE users will be able to control their music and sound volumes with the new Volume Settings. The sliders from the Main Settings menu will allow you to manage the volume of the sounds as shown in the picture below.

These are the new game features

Vanilla Parity Changes

The developers also pay special attention to the vanilla parity lately, but you probably know about the ones from this version, because they have been introduced in the previously-released betas. Some of them are:
Fireballs coming from ghasts can’t destroy basalt anymore
Dragon eggs will drop as items if killed by an explosion
Bees do not fly away further than twenty-two blocks from their nests
The texture of the leggings made of Netherite was updated
Disabled the option of placing twisting vines on composters while sneaking


And now, let us talk about the fixes. You may be familiar with some of them from the previously-released betas too, so we will reveal only the new ones:

General fixes:

  • The map will load better when the player explores the world with Elytra
  • A crash happening when the user attempts to load a 256X pack (affecting the Nintendo Switch devices)
  • Founder’s cape was re-introduced in the dressing room

Mob and block fixes:

  • A bug making mobs desync with their own bodies was fixed
  • Villagers won’t take away the job places of other villagers
  • Mobs hunt their targets more consistently and do not stop doing that randomly
  • The texture of the zombified piglins was modified
  • In case there is not enough space for hosting more entities, mobs won’t teleport from solid blocks anymore
  • The problem of the compass consuming if using it on a loadstone was resolved
  • Glowstick texture was updated and does not borrow the textures of placeholders
  • The error making Cocoa beans grow in an incorrect direction was resolved
  • The error preventing end portal blocks from disappearing after destroying end portal frame blocks was resolved

UI and accessibility fixes:

  • The MCPE player will be notified about his/her outdated graphics drivers in his/her start screen
  • Most messages about death were changed
  • The bug preventing players from rotating paper dolls using the mouse was resolved
  • Corrected the color of the intense font in the “classic controls”
  • The characters in the player’s profile screen were updated and now they will be more visible
  • The bug making the visual focus indicator invisible in VR in certain situations was resolved
  • The scoreboard in the pause screen is displayed correctly now
  • Several issues affecting the screen reader and preventing it from reading properly were resolved
  • A problem with the wrong button numbering in the pause screen happening when the text-to-speech option is turned on was resolved
  • The user interface text contrast was improved

These are more or less all the new fixes brought by this version.

News for the map makers and addon creators:

  • The behavior pack and resource pack templates were updated and now the map and addon creators can download new behaviors/resources
  • Now you can disable bandwidth optimization. This can be done to notice if it resolves entity lagging issues and more
  • The projectiles animate as they should now
  • The bug preventing looting tables with a “set-data” function from working normally was fixed
  • The top face of data driven blocks rotating in the inventory was corrected
  • The top face of data driven blocks rotating when being carried was corrected
  • Introduced content warning messages when the used blocks are too large
  • The wrong generation of spawn eggs in template worlds was corrected
  • Now you will be able to place block models in the models and blocks folders
  • An error not letting items place in spare slots of the horse equipment was resolved
  • The size of the minecraft:inventory component was enlarged

As you can see, there is a lot to explore in this version, so do not lose any more time: click on the download button, share the good news with other players, and leave feedback.
Follow us and you will always find out about the latest game versions among the first. Moreover, you will get the chance to try hundreds of cool maps, mods, and other game-related surprises. Have fun!

Video Traler of Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200

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