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Addon Forest X 1.17.30
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Addon Forest X 1.17.30

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All of us have been rather busy lately exploring all the new game versions released by the Mojang team. They made so many changes to make our Bedrock worlds interesting and beautiful, but you can use Addon Forest X to make yours even better. Well, at least the forest biomes. This addon brings many trees, materials including ores, and three really awesome animals.

Features of addon Forest X

Usually, fruit trees do not grow in forests, but the addon creator decided that they will do no harm. On the contrary, you will be able to collect fruit and use the tree wood and leaves in crafting. Here are all the available trees:
  • Cherry trees
    Addon Forest X 1.17.30

  • Lemon trees (lemons give a hunger effect when consumed)

  • Pear trees (pears can be used to cook jam)

  • Peach trees

  • Banana trees (feature introduced in the most recent addon update)

The addon also brings three new ores:
  • Silver (tools crafted using silver ores are stronger than those created using iron)

  • Sapphire (this ore can be used to buy different things from wizards)

  • Rock Salt (you can use it to salt eggs and fish)

There are also three new animals you can meet. These are:
  • Brown bears (they has the same characteristics as the polar bears)

  • Raccoons (they can steal things from the player and can be fed with pears)

  • Tigers (feature introduced in the most recent addon update)

Important! To be able to use the above-described addon, install Minecraft PE 1.17.30 or a later version and disable the Experimental Features.
If you want to install this addon, there is a free download button below this article. If you like it, share it with other players, and leave feedback.
For more mods and other interesting MCPE-related articles, visit our website and now, since you are here, do not meet the latest game version which is Minecraft PE Have fun!

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