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Minecraft PE 1.17.30
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Minecraft PE 1.17.30

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We are happy that you visited our website today because we have very important news for you. The Mojang team did a very good job at developing two big versions. One of them is Minecraft Bedrock and it is a full version. It contains a lot of features, so before starting reading them, we recommend you grab a cup of tea and perhaps a snack.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

This release contains many interesting new features and a lot more, but of course, we will begin with what’s most important:
  • A new gamerule called “Respawn Blocks Explode”. Its aim is to not let the beds and the respawning anchors explode.
    Minecraft PE 1.17.30

  • A new mode called Corner Mode that, when applied on with “detect”, highlights the area you want to save and it detects those corner blocks (it has to have the same name as the area).

In this version, the MCPE developers introduced several features from the Caves and Cliffs update part II. To enjoy them, don’t forget to turn on the Experimental Features. The features we are talking about are:
  • Monsters spawning only when there is no light source around inside caves. This way the players will be able to explore these places safely when having a light source with them.
  • The algorithm of terrain and biome generation was worked on and now it looks much better than before
  • The surface of blocks, namely the difference between the blocks spawning in water and on land was improved
  • The ore veins were enlarged, this giving the player more mining possibilities
  • Noodle Caves. These noodle-shaped caves will serve as corridors between other kinds of bigger caves
  • New ability to detect a perfect spawn spot close to the origin
  • The Achievements screen was slightly improved and was re-located. Now you can find it on the screens of the Main Menu and Pause


Now that we know about the main new features, it is time to discover the most important fixes, and we warn you that there are a lot of them. These are:
  • The text meant to be introduced into the Book and Quill was fixed
  • Crashes happening when achieving Marketplace maps that are too large, when losing the internet connection on iOS, and when making a crafting table while the gameplay tips on were fixed
  • The worlds with Experimental Features on will have the same spawn position as the rest of the worlds having the same seeds
  • The respawn position for Bed behavior was modified to match the one in the Java edition
  • The problem making nether portals that are located at chunk limits break every time the player wants to exit this dimension was resolved
  • A bug making some damage effects bypass the player’s absorption hearts was removed
  • The problem of enchantments not being weighted, this making all enchantments to be quite the same, was resolved
  • The error making players fall when they dismount a rideable entity on lava or in water was fixed
  • Abandoned villages generate less often than before
  • The light propagation in light tracing mode was improved greatly
  • The bug provoking fall damage when contacting scaffolding was fixed
  • The problem of all cartographers giving the same maps was resolved
  • The spawning logic of iron golems was tweaked
  • Axolotls do not spawn in bubble columns anymore
  • The problem of players losing their catches after picking up fish and axolotls using buckets was resolved
  • The problem of armor stands failing to drop their equipped items in case they get affected by the fire was resolved
  • The number of phantoms has a limit and now they don’t spawn in such a big amount as they did before
  • Goats do remain without horns every time the user decides to reload his/her gaming world
  • Newly-born goats do not have horns anymore
  • The animation error making skeletons use their bows in a strange way was resolved
  • Undead mobs do not suffer from burning effect when they travel through powder snow
  • The bug making many shulkers generate in the same place or inside each other was removed
  • The bug preventing certain mobs from pathfinding when walking on top of amethyst buds was removed
  • The problem of lightning hitting mobs even if they are hiding under blocks was resolved
  • The wrong geometry of mobs when looked at from a structure block preview window was fixed
  • Ghasts and magma cubes won’t spawn in places that are too small for them
  • The large magma cube’s hitbox size was modified
  • Thorns enchantment will apply a knockback effect on mobs
  • Starting with this update, bees can pollinate vines in addition to flowers
  • The enchantment table’s light volume was fixed and is always of level seven now
  • The wrong position of pointed dripstones after they fall was corrected
  • Bubble columns that are loaded with structure blocks will be placed correctly
  • The problem of light blocks not being held correctly was resolved
  • The problem of vines growing incorrectly after breakage was fixed
  • Crimson roots will grow less often on warped nylium when it is bonemealed
  • Candles drop from candle cakes in case they are pushed with a piston
  • The glowing text font on signs was corrected
  • The problem of farmer villagers not accepting pumpkins in certain situations was fixed
  • Removed the possibility to place more candles on top of one candle in case it does not have a support block underneath it
  • The problem of shulker boxes disappearing from the dispenser when launching it at the depth, height or horizon limit was resolved
  • Monster spawners do not emit any light anymore
  • Users will be able to pick up powdered snow not only using buckets, but also dispensers
  • The possibility to place amethyst features on paths of grass was canceled
  • Sea pickles have different lights depending on whether they are in the water or on land
  • The light from torches and other such items can melt snow
  • Gravity blocks do not break if landing on other kinds of blocks
  • The graphical bug affecting a certain side of the enchantment table was fixed
  • The graphical bug affecting piston-pushed blocks was fixed
  • The spore blossom’s hitbox was corrected
  • Moss carpets and blocks will not get moved by pistons. Instead, they will break
  • The bug not letting the player adjust the light block’s brightness and other minor bugs affecting these kinds of blocks were fixed
  • The aiming and throwing animation of certain projectiles, for example, tridents, was corrected
  • Chorus fruit works properly now when eaten while flying with elytra
  • Bamboos can be broken with just one sword swing now
  • The issue making tridents, crossbows, and other such things render in a wrong way when another player gets connected through the Marketplace was resolved
  • Users cannot see the clock while using the recipe book
  • Users cannot see the compass while using the recipe book
  • Players can empty lava buckets in lava cauldrons
  • The bug affecting the movement of projectiles in the air when looking at them from a distance was fixed
  • The bug not letting players unequip soul speed boots properly after they lose their durability was resolved
  • The too slow shearing speed when cutting vines was corrected
  • The too slow shearing speed when cutting glow lichens was corrected
  • Normal and soul campfires can be moved to the inventory in stacks
  • The slider controlling the Player volume now affects the sounds emitted when falling on blocks, the sounds emitted when walking on or inside powdered snow, and the walking sound when stepping on deepslate, moss blocks, and amethyst.
  • The slider controlling the Block volume affects the dripstone dripping sounds and those sounds emitted when interacting with blocks
  • Several minor bugs affecting the sounds during the gameplay were fixed
  • Several bugs affecting the text-to-speech option were fixed
  • Multiple problems affecting the right work of the UI, especially the hotbar, many crafting table recipes, the spelling of some texts, etc, were fixed

There are also a lot of technical fixes and updates in this version. We revealed the most important information, but if you want to find out more about it, watch the video trailer below this article.
Please share the news of this grand release with all your friends and leave feedback.
To be up to date with all the upcoming game versions, keep following us. This way you will also be informed about the newest maps, texture packs, and other game-related surprises. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.17.30

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