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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The news about the release of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 is such a surprise for us! Read this article to the end to find out about everything it brings.

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Of course, this new 1.18 beta contains interesting changes, but this time we will start with the traditional bug fixes, leaving what’s best for the desert. The game developers:
  • Resolved the issue making players get disconnected when the clients have one Runtime Block ID and the server a different one
  • Changed the time used to place vines in the Overworld dimension
  • Fixed the issue of the screen reader prompt that should inform the player that he/she has lost the controller connection not showing
  • Fixed the position of portals when they are moved
  • Fixed a bug making fire blocks invisible if the block under the fire gets destroyed
  • Introduced a message that should let the users know if they are using render distance values that are higher than average
  • Introduced a message that should let the users know that they will be re-directed to the main menu in case they sign in while playing
  • Resolved a problem preventing the carved pumpkin glint enchantment work incorrectly
  • Fixed graphical issues affecting the minecarts when players look up from them
  • Fixed a bug making enchantment items turn invisible when in the Nether dimension
  • Fixed the issue making an incorrect prompt appear when the user loses his/her internet connection
  • Made mobs pathfind on trap doors normally again
  • Resolved the problem of mobs being able to walk through campfires without suffering from any damage effects
  • Resolved an animation-related issue affecting the axolotls’ behavior in certain situations
  • Made berry bushes bring damage to mobs again and thus they avoid pathfinding through them now
  • Resolved the problem preventing players from saving structure blocks because of the new world dimensions
  • Fixed a bug letting players know that they have one result when they are searching for some content that does not exist
  • Fixed the bed behavior when playing in multiplayer
  • Introduced more hints meant to help the user when using the render distance settings
  • Made raid mobs despawn when the raid is over and the player is at a big distance from it
  • Modified the boss bar color
  • Decided that vindicators should not appear in illager patrols anymore
  • Made the hero of the Village effect applicable to all the users who helped in destroying a raider and this effect will maintain active even when the player leaves the initial spot
    Minecraft PE

Now you know that all these problems will not prevent you from playing smoothly anymore, so let us tell you about what’s new in this version:
  • Small dripleafs will generate as component part of the lush cave biome
  • Large trees can now grow even under y=0
  • The ore generation rates were modified
  • The placement of old caves was modified and these caves will generate all the way up to the world’s surface
  • Floating waters do not generate in caves anymore
  • Meadow flowers do not take the place of certain structures or blocks in villages anymore
  • Tuff blobs can be found below y=0 now, while deepslate patches won’t appear below this level
  • The placements of amethyst geodes were slightly modified
  • The placements of gravel, dirt, diorite, granite, and other such materials were modified
  • The appearance of small mountain peaks has been tweaked

  • The combination between the new and the old chunks was worked on and improved
  • Mineshaft tunnels won’t generate taking the place of bedrock

Starting with this great 1.18 beta, all the features that were previously under the Experimental Features toggle can be enjoyed as they are. From now on, you won’t have to lose your time enabling and disabling toggles, but the MCPE developers warn us that they are still working on these features and they may be modified in the future, so if you have any words that you want to keep, make copies.
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