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Addon Dinosaurs' Time 1.16.201
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Addon Dinosaurs' Time 1.16.201

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Even if they are extinct, dinosaurs are very popular characters, especially among the MCPE players. Our subscribers already had the chance to try Addon Ingen Lost Files, Addon Dinoverse, and other addons featuring these grand creatures. Addon Dinosaurs' Time also brings a big number of different cool dinosaurs. You will get the chance to monitor their behavior, breed them, tame them, and even create your own kinds of dinosaurs by combining their genes.

How does addon Dinosaurs' Time work

We already mentioned that there are many interesting activities related to dinosaurs that you will be able to enjoy thanks to this addon, but of course, first, we should tell you about the creatures you will meet.
Addon Dinosaurs' Time 1.16.201

Some of these dinosaurs are carnivores and can be tamed and bred with meat like mutton, chicken, beef, rotten flesh, etc while others are herbivores and prefer carrots, potatoes, apples, and other vegetal products.
Upon death, absolutely all these creatures drop their own kind of meat. You can collect it and consume it, but we recommend you cook it first. The pictures below can give you a few hints on this topic.

Below you can see some crafting recipes and machines that will help you collect dinosaur DNA, use it to grow eggs. You can combine genes from different dinosaurs to obtain interesting dinosaur hybrids.

Bottle crafting recipe

Monitor crafting recipe

DNA extractor machine

Embryonic machine


Gene combinator machine

Below you can also see several decorative blocks provided by this addon. Use them to make your world nicer.

We are sure you can’t wait to start experimenting with all the above-described machines and to meet all the dinosaurs, so make sure you have already installed a recent game version (Minecraft PE 1.16.201 is the earliest one suitable) and use the button below the article to download the addon.
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