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Addon Ingen Lost Files 1.16
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Addon Ingen Lost Files 1.16

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Do you like dinosaurs and would like to find out everything about them? If you do, you should definitely try Addon Ingen Lost Files because, with its help, you will feel like a real paleontologist.

Features of addon Ingen Lost Files

Thanks to this awesome addon, you will discover:
Albertosaurus fossils. They can be found mainly in the Mega Taiga biomes.

Amber. You can find this solid tree sap called amber in caves (mainly in the Taiga biomes)

Archeopteryx feather This rare item can also be found in caves, just like amber. It can be used to identify the dinosaur DNA.
Fossil Bench. This bench can be used to sort out the found fossils. For its crafting recipe, see the second picture below.

Analyzer. This machine will help you not only explore the fossils you have found, but also extract and study their DNA. For its crafting recipe, see the second picture below.

Incubator This an even more advanced machine meant to help you combine an egg with the already obtained DNA in order to summon a real dinosaur! For its crafting recipe, see the second picture below.

Feeder. If you are talented enough and succeeded to give life to a dinosaur, it will need to be fed. For this you will need the dinosaur feeder that can be crafted as shown in the second picture below.

As a bonus, you can learn how to craft your own Ford Explorer. This task is not easy as you can see by looking at its stages of crafting, but we assure it is worth the effort because this car is environment-friendly and will help you explore the world.

The Albetosaurs are grand dinosaurs coming in six different colors.

Upon death, the Albertosaurus will drop Albertosaurus meat.

The baby Albertosaurs can be tamed by feeding them with beef. To help them grow into adult dinosaurs, give them pork.

The Albertosaurs can be saddled. For this, see the saddle crafting recipe below.

You can breed Albetosaurs by giving them beef. If you succeed to do this, they will hatch after a short period of time.

In addition to the above-described dinosaur, you will also meet the following ones:


If you want to prepare some insect stew, find dragonflies, and kill them. Upon death, they will drop different parts of their bodies which are perfect ingredients for the stew (see crafting recipe below). By eating insect stew you will get nausea effect, but it is rather nutritious. Moreover, it can be used to tame baby Archeopteryxes.

If you want to try this fantastic addon, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions and click on the download buttons below the article. And don’t forget to enable Experimental Gameplay.
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