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Addon Minerals 1.16.210
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Addon Minerals 1.16.210

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If you are following our website, you probably know that starting with the release of Minecraft PE, that is the first beta version of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update, the game developers added a lot of new features, including geodes and new minerals. Anyway, until a full version is released, we invite you to try Addon Minerals that adds even more of them, and thus we will have the opportunity to craft dozens of cool weapons, decorative blocks, tools, and more.

How does addon Minerals work

This addon brings three new ores:
  • Jade. This ore can be crafted into decorative blocks and cool apples that when consumed give the player a jumping boost effect for half a minute. You can also use these apples plus fireballs to craft other kinds of apples that give a fire-resistance effect.
    Addon Minerals 1.16.210

  • Ruby. Ruby is more functional than jade. It can be used to craft blocks, weapons, armor, and tools. Most of the recipes using ruby also require gold ingots, except for the armor pants that require diamonds.

  • Amber. Working with this mineral is harder. First, you will have process in order to obtain a gold bone. This bone can be used in crafting tools and armor.

Jade, Ruby, and Amber

All the recipes using the listed-above minerals require a special grinding table. The minerals drop unprocessed crystals and these must be grinded to make them suitable for crafting.

This addon also brings fossils to the MCPE world. Obtaining them won’t be easy, because the pickaxe is just not strong enough for this mission. You will need a Golden Brush that can be crafted as shown below.

Use the brush on blocks and they will drop a shell. Collect them until you have eight pieces and obtain petrified nautilus. The nautilus must sanded, and this way you will obtain nautilus shells.

The addon creator also gives us the possibility to craft and use different magic items, or, as he calls them, magic staff. All of the available items can be crafted using magic crystals that can be made of one diamond, emeralds, and jade.

Here is what magic items you can obtain:
  • Storm staff that can be used to hit mobs with lightning
  • Darkness staff that can be used to dry out and bite mobs
  • Wind staff that can be used to raise mobs high in the air
  • Fire Staff that can be used to shoot fireballs
  • Ender Staff that has the power to teleport you several blocks ahead
  • Water Staff that can give you an underwater breathing effect for several minutes
  • Soul Staff that extracts the souls from mobs

There are also two very powerful items that you can craft and use. These are the Three World Trident that you can use to drain mobs and the Dragon Sword that is able to shoot dragon charges and deals damage of two hundred.

There is also a Soul Item that can be used to extract souls from mobs and these souls can be later transformed into summon eggs by adding some ingredients to them (meat, skin, bones, etc). This way, you will be able to obtain villager, cow, bee, sheep, chicken, horse, rabbit, pig and cow summon eggs.

Another interesting item to craft and try is the Mind Item.

Other features:

  • Shroomlight fruit that can be fried and eaten

  • Animated soul glass (craftable)

  • Graphene that is a very resistant and strong material that can be worked with only on a special press workbench

  • Tools and armor made from graphene

Dear players, if you want to experiment with the features brought by this addon, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.210 or a later game version and click on the download button below this article.
For other interesting mods and other MCPE surprises, visit us and have fun!

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