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Minecraft PE

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All the MCPE fans are happily stepping towards the legendary Minecraft 1.17. We already had the chance to explore so many cool features. The most important ones were the new mountain and caves generations, new ores, snow, cave plants, and cool mobs. Today, in Minecraft PE, we will find even more new blocks. We are also happy to inform you that some of the new features that could be enabled through the Experimental Features toggle do not have an experimental status anymore!
Please take into account that this is a beta, so you cannot play with full version users and in Realms while trying it. Also remember that you should back up your current worlds before installing it, otherwise you risk losing them for good.

New blocks in Minecraft

Starting with this update, our gaming worlds will become even more fascinating thanks to some new blocks. These are:
  • Amethyst Geodes. These beautiful enormous geodes consist of three layers: Smooth basalts, Calcite, and different beautiful kinds of amethyst blocks. They generate all over the overworld, but naturally, they have to be looked for under the ground.
    Minecraft PE

  • Calcite Basalts
  • Tuff Basalts
  • Smooth Basalt. It can be obtained from normal basalt.
  • Budding Amethyst is a kind of block growing within the previously-mentioned geodes. This kind of amethyst is very special, because amethyst clusters may grow on it, so place them and watch the process. This process is unusual and very interesting to monitor. It consists of four stages. Before becoming full-fledged clusters, they will be small, medium, and big amethyst buds. You can break these clusters with silk touch enchanted weapons. Actually, you can use any kind of weapon, but the stronger your weapon, the more probability they drop shards. The max number of dropper amethyst shards is four.

You will hear special sounds when you interact with all these new blocks, so don’t hesitate to walk, jump, break and perform other actions with them.
  • Tinted Glass is a new kind of opaque glass. Its crafting recipe requires amethyst shards and normal blocks of glass. This kind of glass, comparing to the traditional one doesn’t shatter and you can get it without using silk touch.
  • Spyglass is another fantastic new feature. You will be able to control the camera while looking through it. To do this, look for a special slider in your Settings menu.

  • Possibility to smelt ores. You will discover that raw iron, copper, and gold items were introduced into the gaming world. From now on, ores will drop their raw variants and you can easily smelt them. If you are wondering what will happen to the ore blocks, don’t worry. The ones that you still have in your player’s inventory from the old worlds are still smeltable.
  • Raw Copper, Iron, and Gold Ores. You will have the possibility to create their compressed variants with the raw ore items mentioned above.
  • Tuff Blobs.

At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned that some recently introduced features do not require the enabling of the experimental features toggle anymore. These are:
  • The powder snow. Now you can enjoy this kind of snow without using the Experimental features. You will find it in your player’s and its characteristics remain the same as before, for example, the fact that you can protect yourself from it by putting on leather boots and that you can use an empty bucket to pick it up.
  • Glowing Lichen is the second feature that can be enjoyed in a natural way (without enabling any toggles). The MCPE developers fixed a number of bugs affecting its sides and its generation process.

The status of the rest of the features remains experimental, but the Mojang team carried out some interesting changes regards them:
  • Axolotls’ spawning rate was increased
  • Players will get experience when succeeding to breed axolotls
  • Axolotls won’t regenerate after killing a target anymore
  • A bug making a specific achievement unlock when the player uses buckets to collect axolotls was fixed
  • From now on, copper will get deoxidized differently when it is hit by lightning and it will get deoxidized even without the lightning rod.
  • Developed new special sounds when climbing up copper stairs
  • Players can obtain experience when furnace smelting deepslate and some of its variants
  • Glowing Item Frames make new sounds resembling those produced by the Redstone signals and their texture was modified as to match its java variant
  • Starting with Minecraft PE, the water from the dripping stalactites will fill cauldrons faster than before
  • From now on, players will take damage only from the topmost blocks of the pointed dripstones, not from all its ledges
  • The bug preventing the lightning rod from rendering normally was fixed
  • The bug preventing mobs from converting as they should and villagers from getting affected properly when the player shoots channeling tridents towards a rod was fixed
  • A bug not letting the blocks that are attached to the lightning rod conduct redstone signal properly was fixed
  • Lush caves will be generating randomly all over the gaming world, of course, under the ground
  • When placing moss carpets, players will now hear the correct sounds
  • Little dripleaves transform into big dripleaves when bonemealed
  • Moss blocks can generate instead of other blocks like normal and rooted dirt, stones, etc all over the world. This is also available for lush ground.
  • The behavior of the moss blocks when bonemealed was improved
  • A new sound will be playing when bonemealing
  • A new sound will be playing when someone is on fire
  • A new sound will be playing when someone freezes was introduced
  • A new sound will be playing when someone drowns was introduced
  • Stalagmites won’t grow in fluids and if their tips are under the water

Besides this multitude of great new features and changes, the MCPE developers also managed to fix a lot of problems:
  • The invite screen getting stuck after the user signs out from his/her Microsoft account was corrected
  • The game crashing when useing command /stopsound under specific circumstances was fixed
  • The problem of structure blocks that are being renamed having a wrong data mode was resolved
  • The problem of the cubemap blinking when the user loads his/her game was fixed
  • A problem making some mob eggs red when transferring them to the inventory in render dragon builds was corrected
  • A problem preventing not letting users strip bark or wood blocks with an axe was resolved
  • The problem making the player’s hand animation look weird when he/she throws tridents was resolved
  • The bug making particles appear under the mob instead of appearing around it when the player hits it critically was fixed

You will be surprised, but this is not all about this beta. The Mojang Studios team also managed to develop a number of technical updates, but we will let you discover them individually, or, for more details, you can watch the video trailer displayed below this article.
We hope that you are glad that you are among the first MCPE users to find out about the new beta’s features and you will always be one if you choose to continue following our website. Between the releases, you can also explore the multitude of free maps, mods, textures, and other game-related stuff! Have fun!

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