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Addon Undertale Boss 1.16.210
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Addon Undertale Boss 1.16.210

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The Undertale role-playing game is so popular that many map makers and addon creators are getting inspired from it in their creations. If you are one of our website’s active guests, you may have already tried Map Undertale Sans Fight where the player could fight Skeleton Sans. Today, by installing Addon Undertale Boss, you can face more characters from the original game.

Features of addon Undertale Boss

Thanks to this addon, you can bring the following bosses from the Undertale game into your MCPE world:
  • Asgore Dreemurr who is the ruler of the Underground. He is the strongest boss. His health is of two thousand and he has an attack damage of thirty. He has the ability to provoke fire waves and fire pillars and to attack using tridents
    Addon Undertale Boss 1.16.210

  • Sans who is the character you already met in the map mentioned at the beginning of this article. He is weaker than Asgore Deemurr, but his attack damage is the same. The player won’t be able to kill it until he finishes attacking. He is able to attack by shooting gaster blasters and bones. The worst thing about this boss is that he has a second stage when his attacks become more dangerous.

  • Papyrus who is another key character from the Undertale game. The addon creator did not divulge his features and abilities because he wants us to discover them individually, so this is a very good motivation to install the addon. Anyway, below you can see at least what papyrus looks like.

  • Flowey and Omega Flowey. It has the ability to attack with wither

  • W. D. Gaster who is a secret Undertale character. He has three stages. The first one is when he uses a hand gaster, the second is when his gaster becomes stronger and can explode and the third when he also uses gaster, but it becomes so strong that W. D. Gaster turns invincible.

Below this article, there are five download buttons, one per each described-above boss, so it is up to you to decide who you want to face first. Regardless of your choice, note that you should install one of the latest game versions first (at least Minecraft PE 1.16.210).
For other interesting MCPE-related articles, visit us. We recommend you check the one about Minecraft PE which is a brand new beta and it contains really interesting changes. Have fun!

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