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Addon Frost 1.16.201
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Addon Frost 1.16.201

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Even if the winter is over, some of us are not afraid of the cold and wouldn’t mind spending some more time exploring interesting snowy places. If you are one of us, try Addon Frost which improves the snow biome by bringing a lot of new trees, blocks, ores, and even mobs.

Features of addon Frost

This addon improves the existing MCPE snow biomes and transforms them into frosty biomes. Thus they will become even colder than before, but also more interesting. Install it and get ready for the fact that you won’t recognize the vanilla snowy biomes, because you will discover many new:
Addon Frost 1.16.201

Trees covered in frost that drop frosty logs. The logs can be used to craft different wooden items, for example, sticks, swords, pickaxes, and even crafting tables. The pictures below display several examples.

Leaves that drop blue apples when broken. These apples can be eaten to satisfy your hunger and to become quicker in your movements.

There is also a brand new biome for you to explore and this is the Dead Tundra. It does not spawn very often and you can find it only in the cold regions. There are new hostile mobs spawning here, but they do it mostly during the nighttime. This biome also contains frozen stones, ores, and trees. The trees drop frozen logs and if you want to use them for crafting, you will have to defrost them.

In this addon, you will also notice that there are several new foods that can be consumed either in their frozen variant, or you can defrost them in the furnace.
Vegetables dropped by frozen zombies upon their death

Beef that can be dropped by a rare wandering cow. You can cook it if you want it to turn into frozen beef or you can consume it as it is and it will give you a resistance effect.

Tonic that gives the effects displayed below for forty-five seconds.

The addon creator also added new frozen caves that generate in the snowy biomes. There you can mine new frozen stones. When broken, these stones drop frozen cobblestones.

If you are lucky, you may also find frozen ores. These ores can be smelted and crafted into weapons, tools, and armor.

You can also use the ores to craft yourself a cool warm hat.

And now let’s get back to the Dead Tundra Biome. Here you may also discover Arctic Crystals. It is very difficult to obtain, but if you succeed, you can transform them into crystals as shown below and upgrade your frozen armor, tools, and weapons (see description above)

You can also use the crystals to create a durable hood that will improve your health.

In a recent update, the creator also introduced several new weapons that can be upgraded with crystals too. These are:



Battle Axe

He also added an Ancient Necromancy Staff that can be used to spawn a friend that will help you fight your enemies.

There is also an Icicle Staff that can be used to spawn a special block that can be placed near the hostile mobs and it will explode.

You will also discover a very helpful potion called the Withering Frost potion. You can throw it at your enemies and they will get slowness and wither effects.

If you like building, there is a lot to do too. Look at the pictures below what you can obtain for your activity (frozen stones, cobblestones, bricks, and ingots)

The addon creator also developed a Replicator Block. This is where the player will respawn if required. This block works just like the vanilla beds.

There is also a dangerous block added. This is the Necromancer Tomb that summons the Arctic Necromancer (new boss).

As we mentioned before, you may meet new mobs during the nighttime. These are:
Frozen Zombies

Frost Mage

Ice Cow

Frost Spider

Tundra Adventurer (this one is a friendly guy and can be tamed with blue apples and he will help you fight the hostile mobs)

Tundra Bandit

Frozen Undead Miner

Crystal Turret
(it is summoned as a result of combining arctic crystals and ice gems and it moves only when it is pushed by the player, but it is dangerous for the hostile mobs)

Arctic Necromancer which is the boss we mentioned above. It may summon frozen skeletons.

Dear players, if you want to find out more information about the described-above addon, you can watch the video trailer and if you like what you see, hit the download buttons, but first, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.201 or a later game version.
We guess you like the winter season since you are reading this article, so after trying this addon, you might also like to try Addon The Frosted Expansion Pack and Map DS: Winter Wonderlands.
For more MCPE-related surprises, visit our website and have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon Frost

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