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Addon Armor Expansion 1.16.200
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Addon Armor Expansion 1.16.200

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Protecting your player’s integrity is very important when there are so many hostile mobs around. Some vanilla armor is too weak or we just got tired of wearing them. Addon Armor Expansion brings eight awesome new armor sets. You will definitely find a perfect one for you.

Features of addon Armor Expansion

To craft the armors brought by this addon, you cannot use the crafting table. For this, you are going to need a special table suitable for crafting armor. Here is its recipe.
Addon Armor Expansion 1.16.200

Now that you have the special armor crafting table, you can start creating armor from:
Coal. This armor looks very solid and has the ability to glow when the player holds a torch.

Lapis. This one gives the player resistance, jump boost, and speed effects. In addition, it adds XP when equipped.

Redstone. This armor makes the player’s movements faster and glows just like the enderman’s eyes. Unfortunately, the player will not be able to see when the enchantment is applied.

Turtle. This armor, unlike the rest of them, can be crafted on the ordinary crafting table. It gives protection, water breathing, and slowness effects. And most importantly, it will help the player look almost like a Ninja turtle.

Shulker. By wearing this armor, the player will get a protection effect but only while he/she sneaks. The player won’t be able to sneak and walk simultaneously.

Prismarine. This armor also looks very cool and when equipped, it gives the player conduit power. He/she also becomes immune to poison effects while wearing it. Moreover, the player can poison other mobs, breathe underwater, and move faster than some of the water-living creatures. As you can see from the pictures below, the recipe requires an unknown ingredient. This is the Guardian Spike. This ingredient represents loot from the guardians/elder guardians.

Ice. This special armor cannot be crafted, but you can find it in taiga village, snow village, armorer, and/or igloo chests. By wearing it, the player gets a speed effect and can also enchant the mobs around with a slowness effect.

Dear friends, did you already decide what armor will you craft first? Hurry and click on the download button below to try this useful and cool addon.
Important! In order to be able to use the above-described addon, you should install Minecraft PE 1.16.200 and activate Experimental Features.
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