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Addon More Simple Structures 1.16
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Addon More Simple Structures 1.16

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Would you like to add more structures into your Bedrock in order to make it more interesting? Addon More Simple Structures adds dozens of them, from simple ones to some that are really exotic and complex. Moreover, the addon also brings a new biome and new mobs, foods, and blocks.

Features of addon More Simple Structures

Is your MCPE world ready to host a lot of new structures? The ones brought by this addon spawn in different biomes and each of them have different spawning rates.

Available structures:

You should know about the above-listed structures that the loot obtained from the dungeon tower is more valuable with each next level and that all the fruit trees drop saplings.
Addon More Simple Structures 1.16

All the structures spawn in different biomes, depending on their characteristics, for example, cacti can only be found in deserts, magma vents spawn only in oceans and on their surfaces, and palm trees on beaches and shores.

Available Biomes:

Orchard Biome

Available mobs:

Mummies that have an attack damage of seven and give blindness effect

Pirates behaving like pillagers

Decayed zombies provoking melee and ranged attacks and spawning equipped with iron armor


Enraged Zombies being stronger and faster than ordinary zombies

Available foods:


Gold oranges





All the fruits can be obtained from the fruit trees. The gold orange, in addition to the fact that is able to satisfy your hunger, gives regeneration and absorption effects.

Available blocks:

Spike traps provoking damage when stepped on

Mystery totems
Fruit tree leaves
Enraged cobblestones

You can obtain loot from the above-mentioned blocks only in Survival game mode. Unfortunately, the blocks can be obtained only using the /give command for now.
To find out more details about this addon, we suggest you watch the video trailer below the article.
If you are ready to do some traveling and discover all these cool structures, mobs, and blocks and taste some of the new foods, click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons below, share the article with all your friends and leave feedback.
Would you like to see even more structures in your Bedrock world? If you do, we also recommend you try Addon M Structures and Addon Many Structures Function Pack.
Visit our website where you can find the latest game versions and other interesting mods. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon More Simple Structures

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