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Addon M Structures 1.13
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Addon M Structures 1.13

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Addon M Structures is a very useful addon if you want to create a map with lots of buildings, trees, art details, and more. It brings thousands of useful commands and you can use them to obtain plants, grand buildings, art pieces, mobs, and much more easily. Moreover, you will be able to carry out different operations, for example, kill all the present players and mobs or teleport.

Features of addon M Structures

Because there is an incredible number of diverse commands brought by this addon, we cannot enlist all of them, but we can let you know what you can obtain with their help.
  • Wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond armor
    Addon M Structures 1.13

  • Starter’s kit (very useful in Survival)

  • Different unusual mobs, including donkeys with chests, saddled pigs, and vindicators riding ravagers
  • Different baby mobs, including pigs, turtles, and polar bears
  • Admin items
  • Very strong weapons including swords, axes, and crossbows
  • Diverse potions
  • A big number of animals at once, for example, three hundred chicken or cows

  • Grand structures including arenas, beautiful houses, and castles

  • Art posters displaying anime heroes, cartoon characters, and video-game characters

  • Statues of big and beautiful dragons

  • Statues of rockets

  • Diverse trees

Besides obtaining this multitude of things, you will also be able to carry out the following operations using commands:
  • Play music
  • Play explosion and thunder sounds
  • Fly in Survival mode

  • Activate night vision
  • Kill players and mobs
  • Heal quickly
  • Clear your player’s inventory
  • Turn invisible
  • Freeze mobs
  • Get rid of hunger
  • Summon lightning
  • Make items drop on the ground and disappear
  • Remove blocks below you

If you are not against cheats and would like to try some of the above-mentioned functions, click on the download button below, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
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