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Addon Bot-Topia 1.16
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Addon Bot-Topia 1.16

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Addon Bot-Topia gives the possibility to craft different bots that can help you in your Bedrock life by collecting items, harvesting crops and carrying out other activities instead of you.

How does addon Bot-Topia work

To obtain all the available bots, you have to create a bot crafter as shown in the picture below. After crafting it, place it on the ground as you would put any ordinary block. You will need this crafter to get different bot details.
Addon Bot-Topia 1.16

The first bot and most important one you can create is a basic one. To enable it, feed it with redstone and as long as you hold some redstone in your hand, this bot will follow you wherever you go. When crafted, the player may access the bot’s inventory and thus he/she can introduce or remove different things.
To make the bot carry out different tasks, you will have to introduce special chips:
Farming Chip. Insert this chip into the basic bot. Take it to the place you need to harvest and place in it either a seed or a crop. This bot can harvest potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, and other crops.

Hopper Chip. The bot created using this chip picks up any items (especially farming ones). Occasionally, this bot is going to look for hoppers in order to rest and discard its content

Guard Chip. Insert this chip into the bot and you will obtain the best bodyguard ever. It will follow you and protect you from any hostile mobs. In case you drop a weapon, it will pick it up and equip it right away. The bot can also wear armor, but it is invisible. This bot follows the player even if he/she does not hold redstone, but if you want to make it stop, just click on it. The best thing about this bot is that it is rideable and you don’t even need a saddle for this. Just use a bow to control the bot’s walking directions.

Miner Chip. Insert this chip to obtain a bot that can mine. This bot follows the player just like the previously-described one. Their task is to pick up the blocks that are mined by the player. The only thing they can mine individually are ores and they will even find the way to their location. If the place is very dark, the bot will install torches. This category of bots is also rideable.
Now that you know everything about the available bots, let us tell you several things that characterize all of them:
  • The bots are leashable
  • The bots are not able to climb or jump
  • To pick a bot from the ground, crouch and click on it
  • The access to the bot’s inventory is allowed only to the player who programmed it

Important! To find out more details, access the addon’s help menu (see pictures below) and make sure you have enabled Mob Greifing.

Do you want to try this awesome addon? If you do, click on the download button below the article, share it with other MCPE users, and leave feedback.
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