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Minecraft PE 1.16.100
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Minecraft PE 1.16.100

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If you are following our website, you can consider yourself lucky because you will be among the first Bedrock users to explore the crazy number of changes brought by Minecraft PE 1.16.100. This version will pleasantly surprise all categories of players, but most of all the map and addon creators, because it brings a very wide range of new possibilities. Another advantage of this update is that it brings us nearer the long-awaited Caves and Cliffs update!
Minecraft PE 1.16.100

Features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100

We will start with the bugfixes, in order to be sure that no issues will impede us from having a nice and smooth gameplay. This way we will leave the interesting new changes to be the cherry on the top and we will talk about them later.


A big part of the detected issues was resolved in the previous beta versions, but the present one brings them all together, this way giving us the possibility to enjoy smooth gameplay and forget about everything that previously prevented us from enjoying our gaming experience:

General fixes:

  • Resolved crashes taking place because of the Shulker box and when entering the Bedrock world while sleeping
  • Resolved a crash taking place when putting a tag on the End Dragon
  • Resolved a crash taking place when stunned entities were loading into the Bedrock world
  • Resolved a crash affecting users playing in split-screen when one of them has his/her controllers disconnected
  • Improved the loading performance of chunks
  • Resolved a problem occurring when using the fishing rod
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the custom names of minecarts from being saved after breakage
  • Resolved the issue preventing loot chests from the End City from generating as they should
  • Resolved the bug not letting players obtain the required loot after killing mobs holding weapons

Mobs, Blocks, and Item Bugfixes:

  • The problem of some villagers having other jobs than required was resolved
  • The problem of bees not getting out of their nests and hives was resolved. Now they will exist after a while when in the Nether
  • The issue preventing hostile mobs from spawning under specific weather conditions was resolved
  • The fact that foxes do not suffer damage after falling in a berry bush was fixed
  • The wrong movement of Vexes when moving along specific directions was fixed
  • Now, when a golem gets sheared, he will drop carved pumpkins
  • The bug preventing turtles from moving towards the water properly when on land was resolved
  • The bug preventing dolphins from moving towards the water properly when on land was resolved
  • Ghasts that did not spawn under a certain light level were resolved
  • The issue preventing mobs from exiting lava was resolved
  • The villagers harvest more effectively
  • If Striderd with fungi on sticks are ridden, they will be able to jump on any blocks located in front of them (including magma)
  • Now you can tame any animal even if it is not grown up yet
  • The bug not letting walls connect normally was resolved
  • The bug preventing the bubble column water from floating normally was resolved
  • The bug not letting the fence gates connect to walls normally was resolved
  • The wrong textures of the bee nests were fixed
  • The calculation-related issue affecting the end gateways when counting the distance to the center block was resolved
  • If a block falls for a long time, it will break anyway
  • The bug making blocks duplicate in case they are falling next to a portal was resolved
  • The strange bug making saplings become bee nests was resolved
  • The issue making compasses show the wrong direction when using boats was resolved
  • Other minor compass-related issues were worked on
  • The bug making the stacking of smelted items impossible was resolved
  • The bug making drop items fall too low was resolved
  • The issue making the Totem of Undying give incorrect effects was resolved
  • The bug making armor unresponsive after the player interacts with the armor stand was resolved
  • Wrong coloring of certain map blocks was modified
  • The bug not letting players see the durability level of certain items before reloading their worlds was resolved

Command, UI Bugfixes:

  • The loading screen message texts were improved
  • Corrected the system settings for a few languages
  • The bug making the block selection box look incorrectly was resolved
  • The wrong size of the pause menu profile button was modified
  • The boss bars will modify the custom name
  • Grindstones will display results only after changing items
  • A crash happening when using command “/fill” in certain situations was resolved
  • Several bugs affecting command “/schedule” were resolved

Like we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, this version will be very special for the addon and map creators. A lot of problems had to be worked on and the developers also added a lot of new possibilities for commands, actors, data-driven blocks, and more.

And now, it is time to find out about the changes brought by this complex new version.

New features:

  • The Mojang team improved the Achievements screen to look absolutely different
  • A lot of new Character Creator objects were introduced and you can unlock them using your achievements
  • Now we will hear a new specific sound when the turtles lay eggs
  • Dolphins will be drying for a longer time than before
  • Ghast fireballs won’t destroy basalt anymore
  • Starting with the present update destroying basalt blocks will be more challenging
  • You cannot activate TNTs by putting a redstone torch on them anymore
  • The Netherite movement from the lava was improved
  • Netherite armor won’t become less durable when standing on magma
  • Modified trade discounts
  • Introduced a new custom sound for the phantom wings
  • Pistons won’t extend to the void
  • You will be able to use blackstone for crafting brewing stands
  • You can use command /give to obtain farmland
  • You can pick farmland with Pick Block
  • In case cods and other fish die from fire, they will drop cooked fish instead of raw fish
  • Chains can be placed not only vertically, but also horizontally
  • The generation of ceilings and floors was modified
  • You can tempt striders having passengers
  • If zombified, the piglins will drop inventory items
  • Piglins won’t lose their equipments if zombified.
  • When killing piglin brutes, they drop twenty XP
  • Lanterns are not affected by water anymore and you can use them even underwater

  • Modified the bartering items given by piglins
  • You cannot melt ice blocks using soul fire. Snow cannot be melted with it either
  • The texture-related issue affecting zombie piglins that ride striders was fixed
  • Crimson Woods are suitable for growing warped fungi
  • Modified the head size of baby zoglins
  • Piglins will be attacked by wither skeletons. So will piglin brutes.
  • Hoglins will be attacked by iron golems
  • Starting with this update, you can compost Nether plants
  • The strider’s health was increased
  • Piglin brutes won’t get angry when blocks get broken
  • Piglins will spawn in nether wastes in a natural way now (if playing in Peaceful game mode)

Dear MCPE fans, we are sure you want to install and check this version as soon as possible, so we won’t keep you any longer. Hit the download button and check it, but if you want to find out more details, you can watch the video trailer below.
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