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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We were surprised to find that right after the grand release of the legendary Minecraft PE 1.16.100, the Mojang team found enough time and energy to develop a new beta called Minecraft PE The update contains several vanilla parity changes, bugfixes, and a few technical changes.
We know that you are still into the previously released full version, but please, if you want to try the present one, keep in mind that it is a beta, thus you cannot play in Realms and with non-beta players. Also, remember to make copies of your existing worlds before installing it, otherwise, you risk losing them.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The changes that had to be made for the vanilla parity are:
  • Ghast fireballs are not able to destroy basalt anymore
  • It will take slightly more time for the player to destroy basalt blocks now
  • When destroyed by explosion, dragon eggs will drop as items
    Minecraft PE

Other fixes:

  • If owned by a user, the founder’s cape will be displayed in the dress room cape tab
  • Client or server desync occurring when using the / fill command was fixed
  • If GPU memory is not available, the render chunk distance will be set to sixteen by default
  • The crash affecting the Switch users when they were attempting to load any x256 resource pack was fixed. If the player tries to do this, he/she will get a notification that he/she is not allowed to select this option

We also mentioned that the MCPE developers made four technical changes. These are:
  • To prevent lags when loading, the log message number that can be processed to the GUI per frame is limited now
  • The problems occurring when setting large blocks on chunk boundaries were fixed. In such cases, the user will get a restriction notification
  • The bugged generation of the spawn eggs in template worlds was corrected
  • The player hitbox that had a too small size when swimming was corrected.

Dear players, to try the present beta, use the download button below the video trailer, share the news about its release with your friends, and leave feedback.
Follow our website and you will always be informed about the latest game versions among the first. Here you will also find hundreds of cool mods, maps, and other MCPE-related articles with free download buttons. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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