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Minecraft PE

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If you already managed to study the features of Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE, you must have noticed that the MCPE developers focus a lot on the technical part of the game. In Minecraft PE which is the latest beta, they continued to improve this field and below we will tell you in what way.
Before starting to enlist the changes, let us remind you that you cannot play in Realms and with non-beta users while trying a beta and that it is very important to make copies of your existing builds before installing it, otherwise you might lose all your work.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Let us start with the technical changes because the MCPE developers focused on them the most:
  • The client does not contain a legacy fall damage pack anymore
  • The spawn position of the items dropped by players after falling are now calculated in a slightly different way
  • The music command was improved and now the creators will be able to control the custom sounds and music

  • The LegacyCubemap is now transparent
  • The Fog Definition identifier can now use the “minecraft” namespace only in those cases it comes from a vanilla pack
  • A new trigger component was added and this is the on_player_destroyed
  • The block documentation was organized in a different way
  • Improved the characteristics of the DataDrivenBlocks

Other changes:

  • A crash happening because of the rendering was fixed
  • A crash happening when loading a stunned entity was fixed
  • A crash happening when using some Marketplace layouts was fixed
  • Several more crashes that could occur during the gameplay were fixed
  • A bug making certain plants break right away was fixed

  • A bug not letting players use lava buckets for fuel was fixed
  • The achievement screen animations playing backwards were corrected
  • Corrected the translation of the loading screen tips

Dear players, these are all the changes you will discover by installing the present beta. To try it, click on the download button below the video trailer, share the news about the release with your friends, and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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