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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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After the last two game betas (Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Bedrock we sincerely thought the MCPE developers would take it easier and would release less complex versions but happily, they are continuing to work very hard and today we will present you the newest game beta called Minecraft PE which brings even more bug fixes and game improvements.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The developers continue to focus on the technical side of our favorite game. The most important technical features brought by this version are:
  • Several new components meant to give the user the possibility to lock diverse items
  • New camerashake command
  • The error that prevented baby villagers from spawning properly when the player uses the /summon command was fixed
  • Corrected command /execute
  • New “decrement_count” event response for the items
  • Removed the MoveTowardsRestrictionGoal. Instead, two smaller ones that have the same task were added.
  • Improved the Send Event Goal

Of course the technical part is not all that the MCPE developers worked on when developing the present version. Besides the above-mentioned features, you will discover that:
  • The chunck loading performance was improved
  • The crash that used to happen when the player suspended his/her game in an achievement screen was resolved
  • The Nether Portals do not get broken in ripple patterns
  • Any Mob Spawner found underwater can be used to spawn eggs
  • A crash making some MCPE worlds get lost from the list of worlds was resolved
  • Achievement “Beaconator” was corrected and can be achieved as it should now
  • The error that wouldn’t let the Archer trophy be obtained by the player even if he/she met all the required criteria to get it was resolved
  • The error making the chests in the End City generation incorrect was resolved
  • Soulsand Valleys are suitable enough for generating basalt pillars now
  • The player collision box was corrected because previously its sizing was not exactly proper
  • The simulation distance is now scaling with the range of the mob spawning
  • Villagers level up as they should now
  • The process of harvesting by the farmer villagers was improved

  • A new sound for the phantoms when they fly
  • The leashed mobs do not unleash now when the MCPE player comes back to the Overworld from the Nether
  • The error preventing striders from following the move_to_liquid goal was fixed
  • Now you can tame baby animal mobs

  • Starting with this beta, the bees can leave their nests only via air blocks
  • The textures of the bee nests and beehives were corrected
  • Corrected the wrong item names
  • Now you can use 2 on 2-sized crafting grids to create banner patterns
  • The creative inventory does not include written books anymore
  • The item’s durability level will be displayed as soon as it is crafted by the player
  • The bug making horse armor look white in certain situations was fixed
  • When the player stands on a magma block, its netherite armor details will not lose their durability
  • The problems related to the navigation in the Character Creator were resolved.
  • The crafting screen was improved
  • Improvements regarding the touch screen controls
  • New ClearSpawnPoint command
  • New /event command

To find out more detailed information about the present update, watch the video trailer below this article before hitting the download button.
Please be generous and share the news about the release with all your Bedrock friends and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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