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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Last week the hard-working Minecraft PE developers released not one, but two game updates: Minecraft PE, a beta bringing a very long list of changes, and Minecraft PE 1.16.40, a nice and stable full version. The developers did not consider that by doing a double job last week, they can take a break, so here is another beta for us to try and enjoy. Let’s meet Minecraft PE
Please remember that the builds created in beta versions are less stable as those created in full versions and that you cannot play in Realms and with full version users while trying a beta version.
Another important thing you should know before installing a new version is that you should make a copy of your existing MCPE world because otherwise you might lose it.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Probably you will notice that some of the features seem familiar to you. This is because some of them have been present in the previously released versions.
  • The crash happening when the user returns to a multiplayer session before accessing a Shulker Box was removed.
  • Another crash happening when the player used the /fill command in specific situations was also removed
  • You will notice that the baby zoglins look much cuter now thanks to their oversized heads

  • Mycelium blocks can be used for placing crimson fungi and warped fungi
  • Players can use shroomlight blocks in the composter
  • If moved by pistons, the observers won’t stick to their active state
  • Now you can create Thing banner patterns using enchanted gold apples obtained from loot
  • Now you can use any blocks in the composter
  • The portal blocks that are placed either with the /fill command or the /setblock command and are not a component part of the portal will last only for a second
  • In case a fox falls in a sweet berry bush, it won’t take damage anymore
  • The background and the text for the title command were improved and corrected

  • In case the player is not connected to the internet, the dressing room will display a cached Character Creator
  • Unfortunately, 24 PNGs that do not have an alpha channel cannot be equipped as custom skins anymore
  • The piglin brutes will keep their equipment even if they get zombified
  • The bug making the boots enchanted with a soul speed stick to their owner even after being broken was fixed
  • Now there is a new hammer icon in the Smithing table
  • The problem of the user interface elements not looking as they should when the “Pocket” user interface setting is used was removed
  • The tap visual feedback was improved
  • The size of the safe zone is smaller now
  • The list item reward frame was modified
  • A bug related to the Back button was fixed.

In addition to the above-related changes, the MCPE developers continued their work on the technical part of the game by fixing some detected problems and by introducing several changes.
If you want to try the present beta, watch the video trailer below, click on the download button, share the news with all your friends, and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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