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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Last week we published news on two game updates, one of them being a full version and the second a nice and complex beta. These updates were Minecraft PE 1.16.20 and Minecraft PE We know there was a lot to explore, but we hope you managed to do this because it is time for a new release, namely Minecraft PE beta version.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Like always, the MCPE developers made a great job at fixing the existing bugs and crashes, but they focused mostly on the technical part of the game this time. Let us start with these updates:
  • The actor properties were subject to updates. The fields that used to appear as invalid will now give a content error.
  • The developers added a few new components: inside_block_notifiercomponent, and out_of_control_component.
  • The items that can be shared having an invalid name or having an empty array will display a content log
  • The game won’t crash in case the user tries to load a material that is not defined
  • Introduced new data parameters for controlling the Drop Item for Goal behavior
  • Introduced new data parameters for controlling the harvest Farm Block Goal behavior
  • Starting with this beta, the user interface will support asperite JSON files (intended for the animations)
  • Now you will be able to simply specify the version of the release you are targeting instead of specifying a specific update for it to be accepted. This is due the update of the format_versionfield
  • The SetBannerDetailsFunction was improved. It now supports the customizing of two banners and you can also specify up to six colors and patterns from the long list of available ones

More fixes:

  • The crash that used to occur in some cases when the player entered his/her game with some specific texture packs turned on was removed
  • The crash that used to occur when tags were added to the Ender Dragon and the MCPE world was reloaded was also removed
  • Now you can use Blackstone to create Brewing Stands
  • Now you will be able to use command /give for spawning farmland and Pick Block for picking it up
  • In case specific fish are killed by fire damage, they will drop cooked fish

  • The bug preventing fence gate from connecting properly to walls made of blackstone was resolved
  • The bug not letting Warped and Crimsom roots from being removed when the player puts a block on top of them was resolved
  • The bug making target blocks power more blocks that are located above was resolved
  • The cocoa beans can now be placed on any jungle wood blocks
  • The XP orbs will now be at maximum brightness, regardless of the world lighting
  • The problem of the dropped items flowing too low was resolved
  • The error not letting Dragon Eggs drop in case they are destroyed by explosion was resolved
  • The path-finding and navigation options were noticeably improved

Dear subscribers and guests, if you want to try this beta, go on and click on the button below, but first, make sure to make copies of your existing worlds if you want to avoid losing them. Also, mind that you will not be able to play in Realms and with your friends which use a full game version while trying the beta.
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