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Minecraft PE

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Only yesterday we were all happily exploring Minecraft PE 1.16.20, a nice and stable full game version. Some of us managed to fully explore all its features, others just began but in any case, there is a new update waiting for us, this time Minecraft PE beta version.

Please do not forget that this is not a full version, which means that your access to Realms and non-beta players will be forbidden again. Also, remember to back up your existing worlds in order to avoid losing them because this version will just install on top of your work in progress.
And now let’s see what this unexpected beta brought for us:

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • In this beta, the developers featured a fix described in an earlier beta, namely the fix of a crash occurring when standing on a shulker box and opening it after re-entering into a multiplayer game session
  • A new sound playing when turtles lay eggs was introduced
  • Starting with this beta, the dolphins will be drying out in 120 seconds
  • The bug making the normal mending items prevent the damaged ones from being repaired was resolved
  • Ghast fireballs won’t destroy basalt anymore and if you want to destroy it otherwise, note that it will take you more time than it did before
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to lit TNTs using Redstone Torches (placing them on top) anymore
  • From now on, the XP orbs will be floating in the water
  • The movement of netherite within lava was corrected
  • The trade discounts of Cured Zombie Villagers and Hero of the village were modified
  • From now on, you cannot extend pistons up to the void or higher that the height build limit
  • The grindstone will display results only in case it succeeds to change items
  • The flowing water from the bubble columns was corrected
  • Smelted items that couldn’t be stacked and contained wrong values because of a bug were corrected
    Hostile mobs will be able to spawn even if there is a thunderstorm going on
  • If you will decide to shear a Snow Golem, he will drop carved pumpkins for you
  • The problem regarding bees that didn’t get out of their nests after visiting the Nether was fixed
  • The bug making water flow incorrectly near its edges was resolved
  • The bug regarding blocks duplicating near portals was removed
  • The problem that could cause the lockage of villagers in an incorrect profession was resolved
  • The bug making Dragon Eggs disappear in certain situations was removed
  • The issue causing the music to stop each time the player enters the waters of an ocean biome was resolved
  • Saplings will not turn into bee nests in case they are growing near trees and/or flowers
  • The hoppers that have containers on top will not collect dropped items from now on
  • Blocks that are affected by gravity will not break in case the blocks that support them are broken by a piston
  • When spawning spruce trees, the podzol will not generate below the upper layer
  • The problem regarding rails that did not power properly was removed
  • The animation of the dolphin and turtle that walk towards the water was fixed
  • The problem causing compasses to show the wrong direction when the player is in a boat was resolved
  • The inactivity timer of a mob will be reset each time when it gets closer than a specific number of blocks from the player
  • Ghasts are now able to spawn in light regardless of its level
  • The movement animation of the Vex was corrected
  • Blazes will now switch from one kind of attack to another depending on the distance between him and the MCPE player
  • Blocks will break even if they were falling for a long period of time
  • The incorrect name tags have been fixed
  • You will be able to collect fish using buckets in a more consistent way now

Besides all these changes, the developers worked on fixing a bug related to the player’s user interface, tweaking some achievement screen, and removing several technical issues.
If you are done with the previous version and want to try this new one, click on the download button below the trailer, share the news with your friends, and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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